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Synonyms for coup

Synonyms for coup

a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force

a brilliant and notable success

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During his visit to Greece earlier this month, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Ankara did not want Greece to turn into a safe haven for coup plotters.
The crackdown has alarmed Turkey's Western allies and rights groups, who say President Tayyip Erdogan is using the coup as a pretext to muzzle dissent.
If it's someone connected to the failed coup, if they supported it, then why are you protecting them?
The trial, which is expected to last at least a month, is one of dozens under way in Turkey in relation to the coup attempt that resulted in 249 deaths.
The British began urging the Americans to help mount a coup in mid-1952, when Harry Truman was president.
Although some of the leaders surrendered by either giving up their government titles or by fleeing the city, as many as 90 people were alleged to have been killed during the coup.
What reversed this ill fate following the attempted coup of July 15, 2016, is the "civil defense" move, a massing of national will put forward by ordinary citizens gathering in the streets, and organizing against heavy weapons in order to protect their government and assembly, which were elected by democratic means.
As the news of the coup attempt began to spread, certain British, German and U.
The generals gave essential orders to Turkish Air and Land Forces to take the necessary measures to block the whole coup attempt.
Erdogan has promised to hit back at those he deems responsible for the coup with a harsh response.
The coup took observers and Turkish residents alike by surprise, both in its emergence and its bloody execution.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Pakistan People's Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has condemned the attempted coup in Turkey and expressed the hope that Turkey will come out as a stronger democracy and stronger nation after quashing the coup.
NNA - In an issued statement by the Turkish Embassy in Beirut on Sunday, it indicated that "the situation is back to normal in Turkey, following the events of the coup d''tats attempt.
BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / The Leader in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Salih said that "the worst democracy is better than the best military rule", referring to the failed coup attempt carried out by a number of Turkish officers.
Coup d'[ETH]tat: A Practical Handbook, Revised Edition