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occurring or extending throughout a county

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But as the city and county in recent months have allocated more than $329 million to address homelessness countywide, advocates say they are frustrated by a lack of progress.
The Office Of Regional Development Is Currently Beginning The Process To Create A Countywide Active Transportation Plan, Maintenance Of A Countywide Geographic Information System (gis) Active Transportation Data Base, And Overseeing Several Funding Programs For Design, Engineering, And Construction Of Active Transportation Facilities.
It says a countywide authority would minimise the cost of reorganisation.
Request For Proposal: Tru - 2nd 2015 countywide road improvements
About MMC Corp Founded in 1932, MMC Corp is based in Overland Park, Kansas, and serves as a holding company made up of three core construction services brands: MW Builders, MMC Contractors, and Countywide Mechanical Systems.
Since 2006, Countywide Landfill has emitted intensely foul odors, as well as experienced an increased flow of waste.
A countywide and city sales tax is not pulling the revenue that was expected, said Jonesboro Mayor Hubert Brodell.
Holders will be able to travel countywide for half the normal fare.
Past efforts to address the lack of universal library service by creating a countywide system have fallen short.
Her moving speech not only saved the pig's skin, but also resulted in a countywide policy prohibiting the slaughter of animals raised at public schools.
32 percent occupancy, which exceeded the countywide average of 80.
Goodkind expects leasing countywide in Westchester to improve significantly this quarter, and predicts availability rates will tumble by midyear.
Tim Boyden dumps a box of packing peanuts on his wife, Roberta Boyden, as they volunteer Saturday at the Glenwood Central Receiving station, where more than 1,000 people dropped off loads of polystyrene packing foam as part of a countywide recycling effort.
Of the 365 countywide arrests for drug possession since April, 124 (34 per cent) have been in Rugby, and of the 51 countywide arrests for dealing, 22 (43 per cent) were in Rugby.
Fifty percent of the grant will be used countywide and 50 percent will be strategically targeted.