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the town or city that is the seat of government for a county

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In the mid-19th AaAeAeA century, city founder Skinner deeded 40 acres of h original land claim to Lane County for county seat purposes.
40) In Hulan, when the Russians occupied the county seat, Liu Zhentang gathered more than 300 locals and pillaged settlers.
The general rule is: the younger a county, the smaller its size, population, and county seat.
Lewis's analysis of the politics of statehood in West Virginia closely follows the political economy of class as well as party and he further builds on this in his brilliant analysis of the County Seat Wars.
With a population of about 15,000, Las Vegas is the county seat of San Miguel County, New Mexico.
Not only would it offer a true county seat, but imagine the national publicity opportunities.
This is a historic event in the history of the county seat of Somerset county," said Jack Morris, president of Edgewood Properties.
of prestige office and retail space in Nassau County's business hub, adjacent to the county seat in Mineola.
Carlinville is the county seat and home to Blackburn College and a number of leading companies that design and manufacture software solutions, dairy food products and more.
Located just off Route 15, with proximity to I-80 and Newton, the Sussex County seat, the site is easily accessible to Morris and Sussex County commuters, as well as major roadways serving the entire New York metropolitan area.
Tampa, which serves as the county seat, is home to numerous regional headquarters of multinational companies, providing employment opportunities and encouraging business as well as leisure travelers.
Sometimes it appears that the Keystone Kops have gotten law degrees and are working in our county seat.
Retail is running at 7 to 8 percent vacancy, he said, not bad for the county seat.
Although the 714 area code in Orange County is not set to be split until next April, complaints about assigning a new area code to the county seat in Santa Ana sent planners back to the drawing boards.
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