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the town or city that is the seat of government for a county

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40) In Hulan, when the Russians occupied the county seat, Liu Zhentang gathered more than 300 locals and pillaged settlers.
Winnett (188) is the smallest county seat in Great Plains Montana and the second smallest - after the so-called "ghost" town of Virginia City - in the entire state.
The new distribution center and new management information system were positive long-term decisions that unfortunately impacted our short-term results," said County Seat President and CEO Sam Forman.
The union of Enhanced Services and County Seat commences with the recent launch of County Seat's web site on October 16th (http://www.
County Seat is among the nation's largest mall-based specialty retailers of casual apparel, operating 418 stores in 41 states in the eastern, midwestern and southern regions of the United States, including 375 County Seat stores, 15 County Seat Outlet stores, 22 Levi's Outlet stores and six Old Farmer's Almanac General stores.
A REVIEW has been demanded on plans for new county seats south of Leamington and Warwick.
The city was established in the middle of the night in May, 1901, when Sherman County records were moved from former county seat at Coldwater to land owned by Walter Colton along the new Rock Island Railroad route.
A travel tip--the view from the top of Oak Hill Cemetery outside the county seat, Union, is one of the loveliest you'll ever see.
According to the report, the county plans to replace the former county seat with a Mardi Gras-themed park.
Designed primarily to help teachers introduce the concept of a county to students in grades 3-8, each book includes a county map and information and activities related to the county seat, voting, citizenship, schools and education, public services and more.
NEW YORK, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- County Seat Stores today announced its financial results for the first fiscal quarter ended May 2, 1998.
Carlinville is the county seat and home to Blackburn College and a number of leading companies that design and manufacture software solutions, dairy food products and more.
Located just off Route 15, with proximity to I-80 and Newton, the Sussex County seat, the site is easily accessible to Morris and Sussex County commuters, as well as major roadways serving the entire New York metropolitan area.
Sometimes it appears that the Keystone Kops have gotten law degrees and are working in our county seat.
Nasdaq: WTSLA) announced today that in view of the lack of interest on the part of County Seat Stores in Wet Seal's proposal to acquire certain assets of County Seat Stores, consisting primarily of its store locations, at the price Wet Seal is willing to pay, Wet Seal is no longer pursuing that acquisition.
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