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Surrey County Council governs the non-metropolitan county of Surrey in England.
In accordance with paragraph 25(1) of Schedule 14 to the Local Government Act 1972, it is hereby resolved that section 64 of the Town Improvement Clauses Act 1847 shall apply throughout the administrative area of Northumberland County Council.
The proceeds of the sale were paid in cash in Pounds Sterling and those funds have already been received by Flintshire County Council.
The new organization, Cumbria Trust, said it is outraged by the government effort to bypass the county council, and labeled the new process as "astonishingly undemocratic.
ON THE RIGHT TRACKS: Left to right, Coun Peter Butlin - Warwickshire County Council portfolio holder for transport and planning, Simon Walkley - rail director for the Buckingham Group, Coun Izzi Seccombe - Warwickshire County Council leader, Norman Baker MP, Coun Dave Shilton - County Council chairman and Patrick Verwer - managing director of London Midland
Cleveland County Council continued its battle for survival under the banner Four Costs You More.
The county council will use this feedback to decide whether the complaint should be investigated.
The year-long campaign will tell the public about the county council services that they use everyday, often without realising it.
The advertisement adds: "You will also be responsible for driving forward the County Council's relationships with international partners, making sure that these relationships reflect the priorities of the County Council and add value.
The county council and six borough councils will cease to exist from April 2009, a written government announcement to parliament revealed yesterday.
Officers from Cheshire County Council and the district councils are now working out how to divide the extra money up.
The election increased the female representation both in municipal and county councils, and some 36% of the representatives in the municipal councils were now female, while at the county council election the female representation increased even more.
That's an incredible number of years,'' said Doug Hilke, director of field services for the Western Los Angeles County Council, which gives out about six such awards a year.
A South Carolina sheriff who had been awarding federal funds to a local church has been stripped of control over his budget after county council members learned of his spending activities.
Among the ten Local Authorities who have recently selected performancesoft pbviews as their Performance Management solution of choice are: Nottinghamshire County Council, Powys County Council, Salisbury District Council, Lancashire County Council, Spelthorne Borough Council, Stratford-on-Avon Council and Weymouth & Portland Borough Council.
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