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The county council recommended approval and its North Area planning committee has now voted in favour of the conversion.
A Warwickshire County Council spokesman said: "Manor Hall is making way for the new state-of-the-art North Leamington School, which will greatly enhance the educational attainment of future generations.
The findings of the survey will be available on the Northumberland County Council website in the Autumn at www.
Councillor Murray Naylor, the county council's Executive member for social services, said: "I'm certain that Mr Laws will be an asset to the County Council.
Service will continue as normal to people receiving county council services,' he said.
Commenting on winning the mandate, Kanesh Lakhani, head of European marketing and consultant relations at State Street Global Advisors said: "We are very pleased to have been awarded this passive mandate from Staffordshire County Council.
JLL is at the forefront and has standardized a great deal of its operations giving the county council and its nearly 4,000 staff a high-quality and secure IT environment.
Plans announced by the county council to encourage the building of thousands of new homes on green belt land in the city have angered locals who say large scale development will deprive it of its character.
Councillor Martin Heatley, who has special responsibility on the county council for the environment, said: "For a numbers of years the county council has been looking to replace the Grendon facility which, because of its small size, creates a number of problems.
But today Durham County Council announced an appeal by Strathmore Homes against the decision won't be contested.
The water company sent the documents supporting the agreement approved on Tuesday by the Urban County Council to Mayor Isaac, who is authorized to execute the agreements for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government.
Since the launch of the LOVE campaign in October 2010, residents have been signing up as volunteer environmental champions and groups have come forward to talk to the county council about helping to clean up their local areas.
They are part of a campaign by Warwickshire County Council designed to show the value for money taxpayers get from council services compared with what they might spend on everyday items.
Ken Manton was already the leader of Durham County Council when he was deselected by his local Labour group.
The Orange County Council of AeA celebrated the 12th anniversary of its annual High-Tech Awards and honored Zetera Corp.
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