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an advisor employed by the government to assist people in rural areas with methods of farming and home economics

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Minogue, who is consistently ranked in the top one percent of all Dutchess County agents, per Mid-Huston MLS, is based in the firm's East Fishkill Brokerage Office.
But aside from the scarce opportunities, I guess f also had a bit of personal bias since the only county agent I knew anything about was the scatter-brained Mr.
Once a list of all interested boys was complied, the superintendent would hold a meeting in the fall (allowing for ample soil preparation time) to clarify the objectives and purposes of the corn club, adopt a constitution and by-laws, elect officers, and hold a discussion about better methods of corn growing led by the county agent.
Newkirk contacted a county agent and asked him to investigate Hendershott, and telegraph back only if the home was found unsuitable.
In the county agent role, development of such a cooperative spirit is second only to the stimulation of individual thought in those served.
Luigi Ligutti, director during the 1950s, who was nicknamed "the pope's county agent.
After the war, he earned his degree from Mississippi State University in agriculture and served as an assistant county agent in Oxford, then as a fertilizer salesman in Yazoo City.
For instance, a county agent might advise that farmers apply 150 pounds of nitrate per acre of planted corn.
For example, in 1865, shortly after Congress established the Freedmen's Bureau, over one thousand freedmen petitioned the Bureau to appoint as Lincoln County agent a local man who had proven himself sympathetic to their needs.
She is married to Keith, a county agent, and they have three children, Kevin (Dana), Jared, and Anna and a new grandson, Jean Ross.
Wilson County agent Mary Stuart Henderson reported the first community-wide home improvement drive among her white club members in 1921, who painted and whitewashed homes and fences, worked on their yards, and in some cases installed light and water systems in their homes.
That figure was below the national average of 41 percent reported by the National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse, according to ICAN, the official county agent to coordinate development of services for the prevention, identification and treatment of child abuse and neglect.
My father had been a county agent and was working for a sugar beet company.
Then if I found a noxious chemical in my well water, for example, I could call a county agent to come check the tag on the chemical and call the manufacturer--who would then have to get the chemical out of my well.