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an advisor employed by the government to assist people in rural areas with methods of farming and home economics

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Report of Work of the County Agent," 1922, Shelby County," Extension Service Annual Reports: Tennessee, T-889, roll 8, and "Report of Agricultural Extension Work in Shelby County for Year 1926," Extension Service Annual Reports: Tennessee, roll 18.
The first to purchase a mechanical cotton harvester in Poinsett County was the Chapman and Dewey Land Company in 1946,16 and, through the county agent, Chapman and Dewey allowed a demonstration of a flame cultivator on one of its farms near Marked Tree (Wright, p.
Approximately 67 percent of the 17,000 extension personnel are employed at the county level as county agents.
He enjoys gardening, traveling, and putting around on his 1949 John Deere A, Jerry's new book, Dear County Agent Guy, is available at Workman.
Oral explanations or instructions given by any County agent are not binding and should not be interpreted as altering any provision of this document.
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices also recognized Shauna Covington for #1 Top Individual Orange County Agent for her fourth year in a row.
While commercial fungicides are mostly effective, organic options don't seem to work all that well, said Ross Penhallegon, Lane County agent for the Oregon State University Extension Service.
The Kentucky program initially outlined a simple mentoring program, but subsequently the mentoring model was expanded to encompass several different models, based on county agent and participant feedback.
Audrey Wilson, a county agent, who helped in the collection of lice from hogs in Pike and Walthall counties and to Dr.
Any questions that the Master Gardeners cannot answer or resolve are put through to the county agent.
Through another small grant, county agent Paine wrote and received from the UW-Extension Emerging Agricultural Markets Team, Badgerland organizers plan to "fellowship" this winter with Cashton and Withee members.
Barnes, the son of a former county agent and an agricultural administration graduate of Mississippi State College, says Connell offered him a job with pay and benefits--"all the firewood you'll need and a garden, too," Barnes remembers.
Its hard for a square dealing County Agent who wants to be of service to share crop[p]ers and tenants and small farmers, to keep his job.
Teles Properties held its first Los Angeles/Orange County agent caravan in March in a concerted effort to reshape how all its properties are marketed.