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in an affray near Carthage, Leake county, Mississippi, between James Cottingham and John Wilburn, the latter was shot by the former, and so horribly wounded, that there was no hope of his recovery.
An UNFORTUNATE AFFRAY occurred in Clarke county (MO.
He was cheery and genial to all, but somewhat offhand in his manners, giving the impression that he had seen life in social strata on some far lower horizon than the county society of Sussex.
His wife, too, was popular with those who had made her acquaintance; though, after the English fashion, the callers upon a stranger who settled in the county without introductions were few and far between.
He had hurried back to the house, followed within a few minutes by the police sergeant, who arrived at the scene of the crime a little after twelve o'clock, after taking prompt steps to warn the county authorities that something serious was afoot.
County of the hallowed outhouse upholstered in wooly carpet,
Both county workers and members of the public who volunteer as poll workers also get the usual pay for poll workers: $55 for clerks, $75 for poll inspectors.
Encompassing the City of Houston, Harris County is the largest county in Texas and the third largest in the nation.
Former county planner Emmett Taylor, 65, was arrested last year on 97 counts of forgery and falsification of public records in an alleged land fraud case that cost the county hundreds of thousands of dollars to correct.
After downplaying the scope for years, Los Angeles County officials have started to quietly acknowledge that scams by county employees and recipients of county services may be costing taxpayers nearly $2 billion a year.
1 -- color) Though LAX was the target of a thwarted bomb plot in 1999, Los Angeles County receives only $8.
Ryan by less than 4 percent statewide, Poshard won more collar county votes than any Democrat since Daniel Walker in 1972.
We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshape the landscape of Nassau County government and provide a more habitable work environment for county employees," said Sheldon Cohen, head of Nassau County's real estate planning and development office.
The symbols of the national government--the White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court Building--come immediately to mind, and on a smaller scale every state had its elaborate capitol building and every county its court house.