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Synonyms for countryside

Synonyms for countryside

a rural area

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rural regions

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Our friend the Sheriff of Nottingham hath proclaimed a shooting match, and hath sent messengers to tell of it through all the countryside, and the prize is to be a bright golden arrow.
He was now very distinctly aware that the world below him, so far from being the naive countryside of his earlier imaginings that day, sleepily unconscious of him and capable of being amazed and nearly reverential at his descent, was acutely irritated by his career, and extremely impatient with the course he was taking.
And each lad walked with his sweetheart--trust a child of seven to listen and to know the love- affairs of his countryside.
All the inconceivable filth a child running at large in a primitive countryside may hear men utter was mine; and though I had never dared utter such oaths, they now poured from me, at the top of my lungs, as I cursed my father sitting there underground and gambling with long-haired, long-nailed Chinamen.
On a quiet countryside, where all gossip is welcome, this weakness of the lady of the Manor House did not pass without remark, and it bulked larger upon people's memory when the events arose which gave it a very special significance.
He neither rode nor shot, but spent his days in wandering round the old village with his pipe in his mouth, or in driving with his host, or in his absence with his hostess, over the beautiful countryside.
The sorties have been carried out on the gatherings of terrorists in the countryside of Damascus, Homs, Hama, Aleppo, Idleb, Deir Ezzor, Daraa and Lattakia where 4 command-centers for terrorists in Aleppo countryside, near Tadmur and a command-center in Latamneh in Hama countryside and 3 convoys of vehicles in Homs and Idleb countryside were completely destroyed," the spokesman said.
A NEW education resource website Countryside Classroom, which aims to bring the countryside into the classroom, has been launched in Wales by food, farming and countryside organisations.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian army troops destroyed two terrorists' operations rooms in the Northern countryside of ‎Homs on Thursday.
THE Welsh Government's decision to open plans to develop access to the countryside to further discussion was welcomed by the Countryside Alliance.
THE Glendale Agricultural Society's Children's Countryside Day has appointed John Renner as chairman of its committee.
The deadline for the 2013 Countryside Alliance Awards is Friday.
As well as LeJog Savills Rural division is involving a number of its estate owning clients via the Countryside Learning estate day programme.
CELEBRITIES are backing a fight to save England's "precious, inspirational and irreplaceable" countryside which they say is being eroded by poorlyplanned developments.
The team at Three Shires Countryside Management is keen to encourage those with a vested interest in countryside management to use the weather as motivation for development.