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Synonyms for countryfolk

people living in the same country

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people raised in or living in a rural environment

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AN everyday story of countryfolk in a Coventry pub has made one of the world's biggest internet travel guides look like the village idiot.
He became a hero to his countryfolk before his singleminded determination to stick to his plans alienated him from his allies.
Chinese tourists' graffiti deals another blow to "national image" A graffito left in an Egyptian temple by a teenage Chinese tourist and exposed online recently has caused his countryfolk to reflect on how to build a good national image.
Romanian ambassador Dr Ion Jinga told MPs his NO Ministry of Labour has begun talks with Britain to stop his countryfolk claiming handouts in both places.
for 20 years, but the Polish native is actively nurturing his fellow countryfolk into the rhythm of Hollywood productions.
The countryfolk called this shrub, "Hearts-a-Bustin' with Love," and once you have seen it, the colloquial name for this plant will seem most descriptive, romantic, and fitting.
It was the massive protests of French farmers and other countryfolk that prompted the legislative change set to happen Thurdsay.
Summary: Although he was less than 100 kilometers away from reactor 4 when it happened, Professor Volodymyr Koval, like millions of his countryfolk, was unaware of the meltdown.
She sings in a just as convincing wistful countryfolk style on the ballads I'm Alive and Kentish Town Waltz - and with jazz club sass through All For You.
LEFT-arm slow bowler Michael Beer is set for an Australia debut in the third Test at his WACA home ground in Perth - but it seems Shane Warne remains the spinner his countryfolk want to see take on England.
For the pragmatic countryfolk, the impracticality of using alder for making more resistant items was probably an argument good enough for using alder to mark something poor, inadequate, weak, miserable, etc.
It's a feel-good, sing-a-long set that clearly establishes Curtis' place among songwriting giants and countryfolk legends, and would make an excellent gift for fans new and old.
Social commentators such as John Brand from the Victorian era, claim if not to have themselves observed the phenomenon, to have spoken to elderly countryfolk who witnessed it.
The central issue, about who is entitled to voice opinions in print, is thus borne out through the 'participation' of the 'lower sorts', the fictional countryfolk brought in to 'supplica[te]' Camell to 'leue his fume' and then lecture him for his characteristically intemperate response.
9 Steve Davidowitz is a much-respected veteran racing journalist, the writer of many previous works, usually involving principles of form study - or, as his countryfolk would have it, 'handicapping' - and betting.