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rough and uncouth

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Peter was a hard, wiry, brown faced, country-bred lad who looked on the coming war as the schoolboy looks on his holidays This day, however, he had been sombre and mute, with scarce a word a mile to bestow upon his comrade.
But I was young and spirited, and like most lads that have been country-bred, I had a great opinion of my shrewdness.
novels singled out for praise in Northanger Abbey recounts the story of a genteel, principled, country-bred young lady's introduction to society, and each portrays the vicissitudes of courtship that the heroine endures before site is safely united to the handsome, worthy young man whom she has loved since the first volume.
Sir, - Country or country-bred people often prefer being self-sufficient to purchasing all their daily requirements - whether it be firewood for fuel, mushrooms or mussels, watercress or woodcock; potatoes or partridge, vegetables or venison - they are all crops to be harvested.
In Pinon's fictional hinterland, then, giving vent to one's imagination by figmenting illusions and banking on chimeric luck are effective tools the country-bred folk use to subvert a drab reality that "matava mais que o coracao obstruido pela gordura e pela vida sedentaria" and, for the children, an essential channel to muster knowledge of the world and its wonders.