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In 2nd correlation table, country of origin has relationship with consumer preferences because the P-Value = .
So-called Catch-Up VoD services are particularly dependent on the Country of Origin rule.
According to Manrai, Lascu and Manrai (1998), consumers evaluate products not only based on elements such as color, design and shape, but also by aspects like price, warranty and country of origin.
The research comes on the back of EU discussions on country of origin labelling in Brussels.
And we need companies to reveal a food's entire chain of production, not just its country of origin.
The lack of consumer demand for country of origin labels is best evidenced by looking at the marketplace," says Mark Dopp, senior vice president regulatory affairs/general counsel for the Washington-based American Meat Institute.
Americans for Country of Origin Labeling says in the wake of well-publicized instances of meat contamination, consumers should be able to "make an informed choice at the supermarket" and track the origins of the meat they buy.
SRC's comprehensive suite of geographic business intellige nce applications empowers all employees, from C-level executives to business users, to retrieve and transform data from multiple independent sources regardless of its format or country of origin into actionable intelligence.
Immigrant education; variations by generation, age-at-immigration, and country of origin.
The show follows the adoptive family's experiences over the course of several months, and, in the case of international adoptions, cameras follow the parents on their trip to the child's country of origin.
USDA recently issued a long-awaited interim final rule on country of origin labeling for fish and shellfish.
California, like most developed countries, recognizes driver's licenses issued by a person's state or country of origin as a valid document for the purpose of operating a motor vehicle.
Once an emerald leaves its country of origin and circulates around the world, the gem's provenance becomes murky.
A requirement that retail grocers identify certain agricultural products by country of origin was included in legislation passed in 2002.
For example, even in a relatively simple situation where a calf is born and raised on a farm in Virginia, finished in a feedlot in Texas and slaughtered and processed by a Kansas packing plant, record keeping will need to be maintained to establish country of origin.
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