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The research comes on the back of EU discussions on country of origin labelling in Brussels.
In addition to the obvious cost of creating and implementing a labeling system, retailers are also required to secure documentation that traces all meat to its country of origin and maintain those records for one year.
CONTACT: Americans for Country of Origin Labeling, (800)895-2221, www.
2-They see country of origin labeling as basic information that might or might not influence their buying decisions but would certainly facilitate taste and value comparisons.
A requirement that retail grocers identify certain agricultural products by country of origin was included in legislation passed in 2002.
For example, even in a relatively simple situation where a calf is born and raised on a farm in Virginia, finished in a feedlot in Texas and slaughtered and processed by a Kansas packing plant, record keeping will need to be maintained to establish country of origin.
The software allows online retailers to compare the IP address, country of origin and shipping information provided.
A subcommittee of an advisory panel to the farm ministry on Thursday approved a proposal to oblige retailers to identify the country of origin of imported frozen vegetables for the benefit of consumers, ministry officials said.
From September, all beef sold throughout the EU will have to be labelled by country of origin.
The country of origin markings issue has become a concern for both the CFA and AFS.
Country of origin is interesting and a source of pride, but the Prix is not as political as other competitions.
The next question posed is whether you should choose a wine by its country of origin.
1 Sparkling Wine Consumption by Country of Origin, 2006-16
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