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a doctor who practices in the country (rather than in a city) usually remote from a modern hospital

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Two of his greatest joys were publishing memoirs of his general medical practice in Beaver during the 1950's in the book House Calls in the Hills: Memoirs of a Country Doctor (1996), and The Call of the Hawk (2004), a historical novel about his great-great-great-grandmother's captivity and release by the Shawnee in what are now Kentucky and Ohio.
Mike's engaging ability to present complex medical topics in an easy to understand manner has attracted a sizable following of anti-aging and disease-prevention enthusiasts who have dubbed him "the country doctor with a city education.
Nothing more than an axiom: the wife of a country doctor gets caught up in two love affairs, brings her husband to ruin, kills herself.
He seemed more like an urbane kind of estate agent or country doctor than someone who filmed rock stars.
Mike, the country doctor with a city education," he specializes in presenting complex health topics - be it diabetes, migraines, or food sensitivity - in a clear, conversational manner.
A country doctor went way out to the boon-docks to deliver a baby.
22, Kafka wrote the narrative that appears in the short story "A Country Doctor,'" says Gabriela Cinkova, manager of a bookshop now located there.
Under the old system--or lack of system--the patients of the country doctor did not receive statements from him more frequently than twice a year.
Wilfred Grenfell and a country doctor racing the stork.
a country doctor who will treat the unemployed for free and still make house calls.
Health-care reform is coming, the country doctor realizes, and all he can wonder is if the responsibility will become too big.
Heine, a professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia asked that participants to read an abridged and slightly edited version of Kafka"s "The Country Doctor," which involves a nonsensical -- and in some ways disturbing-series of events.
The son of a country doctor, he became a general practitioner himself but slipped, unobtrusively at first, into Irish politics.
A drug-addicted Black Country doctor used a patient's name to make out prescriptions for himself - but was caught because a pharmacist could not read his writing.
Deep in the heart of Texas is a young country doctor whose dedication to advancing the libertarian cause has been extraordinary.