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a type of folk dance in which couples are arranged in sets or face one another in a line

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My old school in Nuneaton was called Swinnerton Secondary Modern and we were taught country dancing and competed in this at the Nuneaton Festival of Arts.
In class terms, ECD leaders advanced country dancing as a respectable alternative to what they saw as the sexual and social danger in 'tough' dancing enjoyed by unsupervised working-class dance hall patrons.
Birmingham University has about 150 societies in total ranging from sporting clubs to Scottish country dancing.
Balanchine's witty braiding of classical ballet, seventeenth-century court dance, and American country dancing is seldom done with a caller these days--New York City Ballet dropped this Version in 1963--but Keeler had worked with The Joffrey Bal]et on the piece in the 70s, when Whitener was performing with the company.
Philosophy/Activities: We are affiliated to the Royal Scottish Dance Society with headquarters in Edinburgh and our aim is to enjoy and foster Scottish country dancing in accordance with the society's aims and traditions.
I also love country dancing," adds Krueger, who picks up the beat of country music by feeling the vibrations of the sound system through the floorboards, "but nobody would ask me to dance, so I had to be aggressive.
Remarked Sun City Roseville's Activities Coordinator, Carole McCarthy, "I'm continually amazed at just how much our residents fit into their days -- getting in from a round of golf, they might have just enough time to head over to the Lodge for an evening of ballroom or country dancing.
In her second tussle with cancer Shonach had chemotherapy then went to her beloved country dancing the same night.
The year is 1931 and these are the victorious pupils from Wooldale School who won a country dancing competition.
The annual folk festival celebrated traditional folk music and dance, with a programme including Highland, Irish, Morris and English Country Dancing and Scottish, Irish and Northumbrian Pipers.
The charity is dedicated to promoting Scottish Country Dancing and has more than 14,000 members world-wide.
30pm children from Frederick Bird School, in Swan Lane, will be doing traditional maypole and country dancing.
The grounds of the timber framed hall were open for visitors as they enjoyed the celebrations which included country dancing.
DELIGHTED to see country dancing is back at schools.