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Synonyms for countrified

Synonyms for countrified

characteristic of rural life

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And Salway has decorated with a countrified mix of Craigslist finds (a brass bed, a pair of albino leather sofas), furniture and art she got from clients (a dining table, 19th-century portrait paintings) and items found in antiques stores (ceramic plates of the 50 states).
Verducci writes: "The legend of Madison Bumgarner fits neatly in the space where we keep our idea of the archetypal outdoorsy, countrified man, where also reside the embellished, fictionalized Boone and Mayberry's Sheriff Andy Taylor.
I'd probably say it's also a bit more countrified, like having better air quality.
So I was dismayed to learn that Edward Sharpe was not some countrified English gent but in fact a Californian hippy called Alex Ebert.
If you are only visiting big wineries for a countrified bar hop heels are fine, but for smaller wineries and cave tours bring along practical foot ware.
Considering how many have been affected by cancer, either directly or through family and friends, this is big stuff The turnout reflected the connection the local community feels to the cause, with more than 400 showing up in all states of countrified for the event.
The crackling vocals to the countrified Where Jemima Goes was one of many highlights from the set.
First, Irma Vep - the solo work of Sex Hands guitarist Edwin Stevens - was a mix of elongated, drawn out drones and countrified Velvet Underground scuzz.
The shimmering countrified songs of this band, fronted by songwriting brothers Ben and Jonny Singh, shine through on this gorgeous debut album.
For those of you who are not as countrified as I am, a yurt is basically a posh tent.
She specialised in singing cover versions of popular pop and soul hits, as illustrated on this double-album, with countrified takes of Otis Redding's I've Been Loving You Too Long, The Box Tops' The Letter, Murray Head's Treat Her Right, Joe Tex's Show Me and Joe South's Games People Play.
It's very close to the bypass so it's countrified without being too isolated.
Countrified banjo and wahwah trombones accompany the introduction of Anna Nicole's first husband, Billy (Australian baritone Grant Doyle), the teenaged pair dressed in their wait uniforms from Jims Cripsy Fried Chicken.
There, with her husband, the reputedly contrarian artist William Giles, Bontecou devoted herself to countrified domesticity and to raising a family.
New York's suburbs were originally home to the wealthy of the city looking for more countrified areas to live in and commute to from to their businesses.