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Synonyms for penny

Synonyms for penny

a coin worth one-hundredth of the value of the basic unit


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Along with returning to work, counting the pennies and going on a diet - grey January, for most, is just when English football starts to take it's predictable route.
Preparations are in full swing for another tough season for the Dragons, who have been left counting the pennies following the departure of backer Tony Brown.
But customers with AITO firms - more likely to be owners of their own business, or in the professional or creative job sectors - aren't usually counting the pennies.
Anne Lennox, widowed in the last Gulf War, shows that the paltry payouts can lead to years of counting the pennies just to get by.
The 23-year-old, from Selly Oak, said the changes would increase his disposable income and make the years of counting the pennies as a student seem worthwhile.
At a time when all organisation are counting the pennies it is good to see the police force putting aside resources that can have a huge impact in our towns and villages.
Her Majesty''s subjects, presently counting the pennies for fear what 2012 may bring, will find little comfort in yet another Tory twit who has an eye on a knighthood.
Those families already counting the pennies will be struggling to get by.
Leeds came second with 57 per cent of people claiming to have been counting the pennies and Glasgow came third with 56 per cent of residents storing away cash.
MUM-OF-TWO Liz Rodgers is more accustomed to counting the pennies than splashing the cash.
A survey has found most of us are carefully counting the pennies when we go shopping.
We hope that Knowsley council will reconsider their decision, instead of counting the pennies they will save, and keep the wardens who do a sterling and very valued job in our community in employment.
He said, "I have always been concerned about families trying to eat well on a budget, and this initiative by Sainsbury's goes a long way to helping those who are counting the pennies.
Bet he was counting the pennies rather than laughing all the way to the bank.