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the number 1 and any other number obtained by adding 1 to it repeatedly

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We can use our ordinary counting numbers to count the even numbers:
And if it is false, then there are indeed infinite sets bigger than the counting numbers and smaller than the real numbers.
Thus it is plain that zero is the smallest of the counting numbers.
One myth is that maths is all to do with counting numbers.
Corporal Duncan's dad Andy said: "What gets me is that the penpushers in London are counting numbers while my son is out dodging bullets in Afghanistan.
For a free event it's an aggravated figure, you're counting numbers over a line, but someone could drift in and out 10 times.
If the odd counting numbers are labelled O(n) and the even counting numbers are labelled E(n), it follows that C(n) = O(n) [union] E(n).
You might recall how the numbers build up (the gnomons were the counting numbers) so that each triangular number is the sum of so many counting numbers.
London, June 21 (ANI): Big Brother housemate Kris Donnelly was busy counting numbers while he bedded blonde Cheryl Hosking, telling her later she was her 100th conquest.
One survivor recalled: "We kept counting numbers so we wouldn't drift off in the dark.
Consider next the number of ways that the answer 4 can be obtained using addition of the counting numbers.
Independent adjudicators were at each school counting numbers taking part.
A very high degree of compliance of the subjects with the assigned interventions is evidenced by results of counting numbers of empty bottles of the intervention beverage returned, dietary records, urinary metabolites, etc.
Of course, the counting numbers can be paired with even "smaller" infinite sets such as the prime numbers.
The two-year study tested nearly 19,000 former nurses aged 70-81 for memory, verbal fluency, and counting numbers.