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The mean sperm concentrations per Neubauer counting chamber were >1 x [10.
Manual microscopic examination was performed in Fuchs-Rosenthal counting chambers.
Better correlations between CD and the counting chamber for CSF samples high in lymphocytes were achieved when raw uncorrected values measured on the CD were used.
A quality control for sperm count is like that for any other test: one that can be analyzed in any counting chamber or semen analyzer, in the same way as a patient sample.
In order to fully appreciate the Coulter Counter, one needs to view its significance in relation to the medical technology of its day--in this case, the hundred-year-old method of visually counting cells with a counting chamber and microscope," says Alan Jones, MD, who became friends with Wallace Coulter when Wallace personally installed an early Coulter Counter model in Jones' laboratory at Children's Medical Center in Boston in 1958.
slide technique, counting chamber or CASA), motility should be performed in duplicate and the mean results recorded on the report.
5 device for blood film &; cell counting chamber
As one who learned the profession by memorizing the Folin-Wu technique, and who was in awe of the technology that could produce the counting chamber in a hemocytometer, I find the notion of "(easing) the personnel pressures by providing more integrated functionality across the laboratory to provide information in a way that allows the laboratory to focus on the critical issues" to be somewhat disconcerting.
20Haemocytometer Complete With Double Ruling Counting Chamber (Naubauer) Is 10269
Equipments : Laboratory Micro Incubator (Bacteriological), Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet For Andrology, Digital Centrifuge Machine (REMI), Counting Chamber, Test Tube Warmer etc.