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A shift of minorities has forced Democrats to pay attention to the collar counties in this election--a strategy that "wasn't as obvious four years ago," Poshard said.
This was so because cotton--the crop upon which those efforts depended--declined constantly in price as a result of the fact that hundreds of counties in the South had undertaken similar development campaigns.
Cushman & Wakefield anticipates that rents will continue to rise in both counties.
8 percent growth in the metro population, and, individually, over half of all nonmetro counties lost population during the 1980s (Ghelfi & Parker, In press).
The divide in the GOP between aggressive skeptics of big government and status-quo huggers is writ large in this most Republican of counties.
5 million for the 15 counties with no targets and $56 million for the 49 counties that don't have any of the top 50.
However, the overall debt burden, representing indebtedness of the cities, counties, and special districts located within the county, is high at $3,741 or 6.
However, Fitch still views the total tax rate as well above average for Texas counties.
As a result, the panel recommended that county lawyers - deputy district attorneys and public defenders - have their pay brought into line with those in other California counties.
The 'A-' rating reflects the strength of security provisions, including the revenue and tax support of the underlying counties served by the district and the diverse economic base.
Hill said her staff prepared the report to help lawmakers gauge how well each of the state's 58 counties is performing a variety of services, from keeping roads in repair to keeping jail inmates locked up.
Half-cent sales tax proceeds are distributed to each county based on its retail sales activity, and within counties according to a formula based on the relative population of the incorporated and unincorporated areas.
Instead of making it easier to put the question of a new county before voters, the rewritten bill would create a commission to study the services received by desert residents of Los Angeles, Kern and San Bernardino counties, and to evaluate the financial feasibility of creating a new county.
has merit,'' but he is also concerned that the new county could find itself as financially strapped as existing counties.
counties live on average until around age 83, while men in a south-central portion of South Dakota, where there are two Indian reservations, have life expectancies of only 61 years.