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Sonenshein said California is behind the East Coast, where a number of counties have elected executives.
If this is the year Democrats break an almost three-decade-long losing streak and win the Illinois governor's mansion, the changing political and racial landscape in the five counties that surround Chicago and Cook County might be the key.
To reduce the distance between farm and government, they proposed to create a new county, literally to form a Union County that would unite neighborhoods from eastern Mecklenburg and western Anson counties.
The levels of sales in both counties remain constant, despite the decline in REIT activity, noted Leeds.
Among rural areas, growth in farming-dependent counties and persistent poverty counties was hindered by their remoteness from major metro areas.
One of the few counties of any size, anywhere, to go for Goldwater.
Fulton/DeKalb counties at I-285 and GA 400 interchange
But state officials used an almost identical method to dole money to the state's 58 counties.
The rating also incorporates key credit concerns, including a high fixed-cost burden, borne by all counties in the state, and financial exposure related to the NHCC.
She said some counties in the state that have emulated Los Angeles County's program have had little success in recruiting their employees and are now paying them their salary and overtime for the 14-hour day.
Brazoria County is located immediately south of Houston and is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and Fort Bend, Galveston, and Matagorda Counties.
Ventura County is like most of the state's 58 counties in that it doesn't have a chief administrative officer who shares the same authority as his counterparts in a dozen California counties where the chief executive is a kind of chairman of the board.
However, Fitch still views the total tax rate as well above average for Texas counties.
As a result, the panel recommended that county lawyers - deputy district attorneys and public defenders - have their pay brought into line with those in other California counties.
The 'A-' rating reflects the strength of security provisions, including the revenue and tax support of the underlying counties served by the district and the diverse economic base.