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female equivalent of a count or earl

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That man was the lawyer who had already undertaken the defence of the Countess.
I consider the Countess Narona to be a cruelly-treated woman.
Four hundred a year is therefore all that he can leave to the Countess, if he leaves her a widow.
My brother has insured his life for ten thousand pounds; and he has settled the whole of it on the Countess, in the event of his death.
But his morbid curiosity about the Countess was not set at rest yet.
The one remarkable person, the Countess herself, only raised her veil at the beginning of the ceremony, and presented nothing in her plain dress that was worth a second look.
To his confusion and surprise, the Countess discovered him.
Vronsky looked at Levin and Countess Nordston, and smiled.
But I hope, count, you would not consent to live in the country always," said Countess Nordston.
Noticing that Countess Nordston wanted to say something, he stopped short without finishing what he had begun, and listened attentively to her.
The conversation did not flag for an instant, so that the princess, who always kept in reserve, in case a subject should be lacking, two heavy guns--the relative advantages of classical and of modern education, and universal military service--had not to move out either of them, while Countess Nordston had not a chance of chaffing Levin.
The conversation fell upon table-turning and spirits, and Countess Nordston, who believed in spiritualism, began to describe the marvels she had seen.
Ah, countess, you really must take me, for pity's sake do take me to see them
The Countess is a very dear friend of mine, and you must forgive me now if I say that I prefer not to discuss her any longer.
The Countess is a woman of wide culture and understanding.