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Synonyms for counterweight

a weight that balances another weight

constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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In order to carry 5,443kg of removable counterweight, an additional steering axle had to be installed.
The counterweights can be seen just beneath the giant pulley wheels at the top of the towers.
We will draw upon the Company's 85 years of experience to provide these special and unique counterweights.
The good news is the counterweights I do have are used with almost all phono cartridges.
Mounted to the front of a specialized pig configuration designed with counterweights to maintain its orientation, the V-Jet Pig uses bypass flow as an accelerant and literally sucks the inhibitor fluid off the bottom and sprays it on the top quadrant of the pipeline.
It does away with all of the rods, cables, counterweights, and springs of mechanical door handle units, and replaces them with a simple, drop-in electronic unit that doesn't move.
It should be remembered that whether today's large crane, with fulcrum point and counterweight with jib cables, is used, or a timber lever with human counterweights, the same engineering/ mathematical principles apply.
Sliding along a rail attached to the ceiling was a cat-headed spider, controlled like a giant marionette by a system of cables and counterweights and moving on padded feet.
The lean team pulled the tower back using huge lead counterweights.
Chatellier's ideas can be considered cultural historical counterweights to the social (sociological) historical ideas Bossy advances there and in his later works.
In a Winter 2000 cover story, Earth Island Journal revealed that many of the world's older jumbo jets carry large amounts of radioactive depleted uranium (DU) in the form of small, heavy counterweights hidden inside wingtips, tails and elevators.
The UK Environment and Transport Minister has assured residents living in the area in which a Korean Air Boeing 747 crashed that they should not be concerned about the affect of the missing uranium counterweights.
A large glass wall, which can be raised on counterweights, looks out over the fourth main space of the house, a large pool which is enclosed by the house itself on three sides, and by a garden wall at the back of the site.
The Vortek([R]) system provides greater safety by eliminating the need for crews to climb ladders and catwalks as well as eliminating the need to handle heavy counterweights above the stage.