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Synonyms for counterweight

a weight that balances another weight

constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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In the current paper two articles were used, both very thorough but unpublished and available only on the Internet: Trebuchet Mechanics by Donald Siano and The Counterweighted Trebuchet--an Excellent Example of Applied Retromechanics by W.
Other features include counterweighted flappers, elastomer throat gaskets, stainless-steel pellet deflectors, and lid-mounted sequence valves.
The counterweighted binocular bar allows a range of vertical motion, from just above the horizon to directly overhead.
The roll carriage is counterweighted, allowing the downward force to be less than half the weight of the roll carriage and lessening the possibility of crushing anything under the roll carriage.
Yagira's is a magnificently controlled performance, its desperation achingly counterweighted by a child's natural innocence, optimism and ignorance of consequence.