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the psychoanalyst's displacement of emotion onto the patient or more generally the psychoanalyst's emotional involvement in the therapeutic interaction

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Therapist strengths, or managing your countertransference.
In the same period, Ferenczi developed a theory stressing the importance in the annalist's countertransference feelings.
On a micro level, during the interview situation, the interviewer can make use of the countertransference and transference towards the pregnant women and use this information in clinical intervention and psychotherapy.
In his work, the analyst focused on three fundamental analytic concepts: transference, countertransference, and resistance.
A strong component of the safe and effective use of self is taught in order to allow new music psychotherapists to understand the processes of transference and countertransference.
Keywords: supervision, countertransference, interns, novice counselors
Recognizing subtle countertransference can guard against extreme reactions and maintain an appropriate clinical focus.
He considers different levels of communication, including sensing and interpreting signs, speaking and listening, thinking, feeling, behaving, storytelling (including narrative therapy), hypnosis, body language, transference and countertransference, acting and roles, dealing with difficult situations, play, ritual, motivation, and decision making, with activities related to each.
For example, stagnation may occur if the counselor ignores the effects of an event on the counseling relationship, such as during countertransference, or allows the experience to impede objectivity in counseling.
Keywords: counselor burnout, environmental/external resources, countertransference management ability, internal resources
The text eloquently examines four patient cases providing detailed insight into the unconscious collision between transference and countertransference forces.
During a shared trauma, the counselor is vulnerable not only to multiple levels of exposure to trauma but also to boundaries blurred by transference and countertransference (Baum, 2010; Saakvitne, 2002).
The past 30 years of modern psychoanalytic work has found the concept of an analytic "blank screen," where countertransference is a contaminant (to manage and eliminate), as clinically faulty
CONTENTS I Introduction II Catharsis, Empathy and the Pygmalion Effect A Catharsis B Empathy C The Pygmalion Effect III The Pitfalls A Countertransference B Emotional Contagion IV The Constitutionality of Problem-Solving Courts V Emotional Intelligence A Emotional Self-Awareness B Emotional Self-Regulation VI Conclusion
87) that elicits from the analyst a narcissistic countertransference.