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the psychoanalyst's displacement of emotion onto the patient or more generally the psychoanalyst's emotional involvement in the therapeutic interaction

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This is a broad and general definition of countertransference.
When there are multiple staff members, this eliminates some of the boundary issues, the transference and countertransference," Wummer says.
As Cohler and Galatzer-Levy (2006) note, "since transference is an inevitable part of all human relations, countertransference is also inevitable.
We look at areas of potential conflict in spiritual involvement in psychotherapy: the degree of the therapist's personal openness, dogmatic rigidity or unresolved spiritual conflicts that may influence the client through countertransference.
Similarly, when discussing transference and countertransference, the issue of spiritual countertransference might be discussed as it intersects work with Native clients (Genia, 2000; Hodge, 2003; Napoli, 1999).
Trauma and the therapist: Countertransference and vicarious traumatization in psychotherapy with incest survivors.
We feel this process may have allowed for transformation of the dangerous potential of countertransference into a positive opportunity for growth and closure of the psychological space within a significant relationship.
Religious countertransference, which refers to an emotional response by a clinician toward a patient's religious language, beliefs, practices, rituals or community, can diminish the effectiveness of treatment.
Responses from the same psychotherapists also provided insights into their basic ways of reacting to patients, a process known as countertransference.
Her explanations by Freudian transference and countertransference, the nexus in which interrogations and confessions reinforce one another, are largely persuasive, but they do not address another element: the possible validity of at least some of the confessions.
The treatment of patients with intellectual disability involves typical transference and countertransference issues, although these aspects of care are rarely discussed.
The final section goes to the core of the therapist's relation to him- or herself, addressing such issues as how to turn your weaknesses into strengths, and how to deal with the issues of pathological caretaking, countertransference and self-care.
T]he subjective evaluation by a doctor of a patient's 'quality of life' and the role of such an evaluation in making end-of-life decisions of themselves raise significant countertransference issues," wrote F.
Again, although this precept sounds obvious on the surface, countertransference elements can easily influence work with malingering clients and cause the clinician to jeopardize the helping relationship in fruitless attempts to "unmask" clients who engage in such behavior (Gabbard & Wilkinson, 2000).
In addition, a whole new way of looking at mutual interactions and influences clouds our understanding of previously obtuse terms such as: countertransference, projective identification, and role responsiveness.