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Synonyms for counterterrorist

someone who attempts to prevent terrorism

intended to prevent terrorism

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Based on a detailed analysis of these diverging counterterrorism trajectories, Mahadevan asserts that Indian counterterrorist failures are not failures of intelligence, but failures to act on intelligence.
Counterterrorist judges can also authorize holding a suspect in prison for years while an investigation is ongoing, according to the 2009 (https://books.
The video was sent to the phone of a Free Syrian Armylinked activist in Bulgaria who passed it to counterterrorist police there.
The War on Terror and Counterterrorist Deterrence: Fighting for Space
That attack led to a massive counterterrorist operation in the area that lasted for several months.
Former President and CoChairman Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on Friday directed Sindh Government to immediately form a women counterterrorist force which will work for peace in the province.
SAS Anti-Money Laundering solutions help the bank comply with AML and counterterrorist financing (CTF) regulations by taking a risk-based approach to monitoring transactions for illicit activity.
The special actions force has recently inducted and trained close to a dozen of these fourfooted soldiers called the Belgian Malinois and they will form an essential part of counterterrorist operations that the 'black cat' commandos of the National Security Guard (NSG) undertake in the future.
Canada commends the counterterrorist campaign that the Tunisian government has been leading and calls for the perpetrators of this senseless attack to be held accountable for their actions,"The statement underlines.
He added that such attacks should be confronted by civil forces while utilising counterterrorist measures which safeguard human rights.
But something funny is taking place today in some countries who have anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing rules and regulations -- they are strictly applying those rules more because of fear of the U.
What we have said for a long time now, coming out of Lisbon, and consultations with our NATO allies, is that we would potentially come to an agreement with Afghanistan to engage in counterterrorist operations the training of Afghan troops.
It can hardly be called timely to propose raising the voice of the international community in a situation when the Syrian army is completing a counterterrorist operation against militants who terrorised the population (of Qusair) for months without restraint," he said.
Questions and detailed answer essays are organized in eight sections on areas such as freedom of expression, freedom of information, police powers and counterterrorist measures, and the Human Rights Act of 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights.
There has already been plenty of debate about the rights and wrongs of the project - a series of counterterrorist spy cameras in predominantly Muslim areas of Birmingham.