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Synonyms for counterterrorist

someone who attempts to prevent terrorism

intended to prevent terrorism

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6) Counterterrorist deterrence strategies are often unpopular because of their perceived heavy-handedness and a lack of confidence that the strategy can be used against a nonstate actor.
He added that such attacks should be confronted by civil forces while utilising counterterrorist measures which safeguard human rights.
But something funny is taking place today in some countries who have anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing rules and regulations -- they are strictly applying those rules more because of fear of the U.
What we have said for a long time now, coming out of Lisbon, and consultations with our NATO allies, is that we would potentially come to an agreement with Afghanistan to engage in counterterrorist operations the training of Afghan troops.
RADA-trained David was one of the bestdressed men on TV when he played David Estes, director of the CIA's Counterterrorist Centre in the hit US series, Homeland.
It can hardly be called timely to propose raising the voice of the international community in a situation when the Syrian army is completing a counterterrorist operation against militants who terrorised the population (of Qusair) for months without restraint," he said.
Questions and detailed answer essays are organized in eight sections on areas such as freedom of expression, freedom of information, police powers and counterterrorist measures, and the Human Rights Act of 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights.
Tim Nye would not discuss "the missions and or locations of its counterterrorist forces" except to say that special operations troops are in 75 countries daily conducting missions.
Today's report included an assessment of South Sudan for the first time and noted that given its status as the world's newest country the "counterterrorism efforts and counterterrorist finance legislation remained a work in progress".
Suggesting that the entire basis of Indian counterterrorist policy might need to be re-examined, the 297-page book says that New Delhi should take a unilateral two-pronged approach against pan-Islamist jehad.
counterterrorist teams inside its country, as it had in the past.
When she went to investigate, the shower had not been used so she called in counterterrorist officers, fearing the defendant had a more sinister purpose.
At the counterinsurgency forces capabilities; Barbero noted "they'll be fully capable to continue these counterterrorist operations into beyond December 2011.
The US has put Pakistan "on a clock" to launch a new intelligence and counterterrorist offensive against the group.