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Three hundred and three applications were made to the Aria division and 166 to the new Art Song division representing 163 sopranos, 42 mezzo-sopranos, 60 tenors, 62 baritones, 13 bass-baritones, 11 basses and 7 countertenors.
Soprano Sophie Junker and countertenor Reginald Mobley were stellar in their duet in Part I.
O Mistress Mine, a song cycle for countertenor voice, was composed for the late Brian Asawa, who died tragically and much too young in early 2015.
KIERON-CONNOR VALENTINE - COUNTERTENOR Born in Wrexham Currently studying at Royal Northern College of Music.
I dreamt of him last night, only he was a countertenor, singing.
That would have been a fine sound from tenor and countertenor.
The festival will be witnessing a premier in Telemann's 'Flavius Bertaridus' which will feature the talents of Nina Bernsteiner, David DQ Lee and Maite Beaumont as the soprano, countertenor and mezzo soprano will all be using their immense singing talents to bring the opera to life.
Khodr is a countertenor, a male voice that emerges from natural endowment rather than ethically dubious surgical procedures.
What is the place of the countertenor in vocal music?
Prior to his appointment in Leeds he was a freelance countertenor, conductor, composer and arranger in London.
He has a good range and has real promise as a countertenor.
Twentieth-century countertenor repertoire; a guide.
SINCE his debut in 1993, Andreas Scholl has been the name that springs most readily to mind at the mention of the countertenor voice.
Musical forms (field 128) New code vil villanelle Medium of performance (field 145) New codes mcb cristal Baschet mgt glass trumpet ocb cobla oiv vocal and instrumental group (or ensemble) ptx txalaparta tih Irish harp (Gaelic harp, clairseach) tsh shamisen vhc haute-contre wsn surnay (zurla, zurna, mizmar) New variants / codes with suffixes code variant terms main term kor positive organ ptr riqq, rikk tambourine pwo mokubio woodblocks (Japanese woodblocks) sdb+ five-string double bass suffixe double bass vcta contratenor altus countertenor vctb contratenor countertenor bassus wcl+ clarinet in A clarinet suffixe wbp sourdeline bagpipe Modified codes korx orgue Hammond use kore (electric organ) pss sound structure use mss vcl contratenor altus use vcta Deleted code vvg vagans