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Some in the medical profession have therefore considered countersuits against the attorney, and sometimes the patient as well, when they perceive the original lawsuit to be frivolous.
Yeh felt that the countersuits would eventually benefit the company's operations in the long run.
announced on Friday that it filed a countersuit against Nokia Corp, claiming that the Finnish cellphone maker is infringing 13 Apple technology patents.
Even if you have the alternative endorsement that excludes coverage for countersuits after suing for fees, countersuits will not be covered if the collection agency sues for your fees.
Gateway responded with several countersuits that claimed 13 of its patents were being infringed.
The suits and countersuits were filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio.
Occidental agreed to pay massive damages, drop a countersuit against the state, and take over cleanup of polluted drainage water from the Love Canal site.
David Wanetick, Managing Director of IncreMental Advantage and Chief Intellectual Property Officer said, "We are delighted that Steven Bauer and Kristin Neuman -- nationally-known lawyers from Proskauer Rose LLP -- will discuss issues such as Mitigating the Risks of Countersuits, Patent Assertion and Patent Pooling at our semi-annual Maximizing Returns on Your Patent Portfolio Conference in San Francisco on July 20-21.
Countersuits and bizarre allegations followed, and undoubtedly Myers doesn't want to talk about any of it.
The company is also involved in litigation as the result of suits and countersuits between the company and several departments of the U.
At one point, in the flurry of accusations, motions, suits and countersuits, the settlement trust virtually stopped paying claims, with the audit backlog reaching 40,000 cases.