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a suit brought against someone who has sued you

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TeleMatrix(TM), a leading worldwide provider of telephones for hospitality, commercial, and residential use, announced today that it has filed a countersuit denying patent infringement as claimed in recent legal action by a competitor.
Fayetteville entrepreneur Burt Hanna filed a countersuit against creditor Bank of America NA in Washington County Circuit Court last week.
Secondly, they have not filed the countersuit they had promised to file: instead, they asked the court to stay all discovery and to dismiss our lawsuit.
In its countersuit, filed last month, Sealy denies that it was involved in any such practices.
According to the countersuit, Puck is violating a mutual agreement he signed in 2007 allowing Wolfgang Zwiener to open steakhouses outside New York City under the very name that Puck has now challenged.
In addition, Xfire has filed a countersuit stating that the Yahoo lawsuit is an attempt to drive Xfire out of business (and therefore avoid direct competition in the marketplace) or to force Xfire to sell or license its proprietary technology to Yahoo for far less than fair market value to settle the expensive litigation.
com), the world's leading provider of fingerprint touch control solutions for mobile phones, filed a countersuit today against Authentec for infringement of Atrua's patented technology and illegal interference with Atrua's business.
The countersuit is in response to intentionally defamatory communications distributed by Diamond Triumph Auto Glass to Safelite's clients and the auto glass industry.
Radko Launches Countersuit against Rauch Industries for Securities Fraud and Breach of Contract
There is no loophole in California law which allows Gossai to continue to bilk and defraud the unsuspecting, unsophisticated and trusting public,'' Shikes wrote in a countersuit filed against Gossai's defamation suit.
of Lake City--has filed a countersuit against the bank.
The countersuit filed last summer by ACORN featured a show of political support.
Berard plans to file a countersuit against A-B seeking legal fees and damages.
Countersuit defends AP's intellectual property rights
But Judge Wilson sent it all back to Pulaski County Circuit Court -- after James filed a motion seeking to start a countersuit charging the LaFrance camp with defamation.