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a suit brought against someone who has sued you

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It is Audiovox's position that the lawsuit is totally without merit and Audiovox intends to countersue MPEG LA for breach of the agreement.
They have not yet determined if they will countersue.
Other titles include They've Got Deep Pockets - Let's Sue, A Ploy Named Countersue, Oh Humana, The Jury Consultant Blues, and Back Spasm Woman.
The Kaufmans not only don't have to pay the city but can countersue them for $70 million in damages.
The satirical songs focus on needed reforms with tunes such as "They've Got Deep Pockets - Let's Sue," "The Jury Consultant's Blues," "Fine Print," and parodies such as "When You Wish to Sue a Star," "Back Spasm Woman," and "A Ploy Named Countersue.
ICC sued RMI for $30m in damages and RMI has indicated that it is likely to countersue (11/19/98).
Rocky Mountain Internet Inc (RMI) says it intends to countersue its one-time acquisition target Internet Communications Corp (ICC) "for a lot more than the $30m" ICC sued RMI for in mid- October, according to RMI chief executive Doug Hanson.