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make a counterattack

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The PLA's counterstrike doctrine is not particularly new.
In the mind of General Salah Mohsen, the order meant there was no need to plan for a counterstrike and to limit his options to only defend or withdraw.
We needed to counterstrike ourselves and get the lead out to 10 points.
COUNTERSTRIKE is a detailed account of the strategies the United States used to combat terrorist threats and actions in recent history.
But a forceful military response by Kiev could prompt a devastating counterstrike by Russian troops who are waiting to act on Putin's vow to "protect" Russian - speakers in the neighbouring state.
Samsung plans to launch a counterstrike by unveiling its new Galaxy Note 4 smartphone and bolstering its lineup of low and mid-priced products.
223 FACTORY AMMO PERFORMANCE (REDFIELD COUNTERSTRIKE GREEN/RED DOT] LOAD VELOCITY GROUP SIZE (BRAND, BULLET WEIGHT, TYPE) (FPS) (INCHES) Black Hills 52 Match HP 3,000 1/4 Black Hills 55 SP 2,948 1/4 Black Hills 60 V-Max 2,899 3/4 Black Hills 60 SP 2,905 3/4 Black Hills 60 SPT 2,942 3/4 Notes: Groups the product of 3 of 4 shots at 35 yards.
KARACHI -- In a counterstrike against Pakistan People's Party's (PPP) latest assault on former military ruler Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf, his party All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Sunday night said the majority party of the province was itself doing enough to destabilize the Sindh government,.
to execute the counterstrike, citing one inside source that claimed Amazon Web
A counterstrike by the Turkish army caused "significant casualties" among the PKK fighters, the statement further added.
THE TOPIC: The Doolittle Raid marked America's decisive counterstrike against the Japanese following Pearl Harbor.
They have been spectacularly successful so far, doubling wages and for the first time since China began its industrial revival under Deng Xiaoping, putting workers' legitimate aspirations into the foreground of China's civic dialogue without--so far--provoking a counterstrike from Beijing's "Communist" leadership.
In addition, attackers may use false source addresses, meaning that a counterstrike may hit an innocent party, perhaps generating an escalating battle when the innocent parties themselves react to what--to them--is an unprovoked attack.
The third type of online game - console games such as Guitar Hero or Counterstrike , which offer the option to compete with other players online using your console - are not being created regionally because it would bring local companies into competition with international giants, say industry experts.
Ronald Reagan's announcement of a plan to protect the United States and its allies against a Soviet nuclear attack without having to rely on the deterrent of a counterstrike.