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a bit for enlarging the upper part of a hole

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To build the base, you need a table saw with dado blades, an electric drill, a 3/8-inch countersink bit, a 3/8-inch plug cutter, about 24 2-inch wood-screws, wood glue, a square, a chisel, and a belt sander.
You'll need the same basic tools for both designs: a saber saw (for dog and cat silhouettes), a circular or table saw (for shelves, seat, and trim), an electric drill with a countersink bit for woodscrews, and a screwdriver and hammer.
To make the bin, you'll need one 6- and one 8-foot length of 1-by-4 pine, 3 dozen 1 1/4-inch flat-head woodscrews, wood glue, a table saw, a saber saw, and an electric drill with a 3/8-inch countersink bit and a plug cutter of the same size.
To secure the L, predrill five evenly spaced points centered on slats with a 13/64-inch twist drill, use a countersink bit to finish the hole, and set five brass screws.
Tools Smoothing plane Portable circular saw Tape measure and straight edge Combination square and pencil Coping saw (or electric jigsaw) Hammer Spoke shaves: round-bottom and flat-bottom Electric drill Drill bits: 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, countersink bits Utility knife and scissors Cork sanding block or electric sander Screwdriver (cross-headed or slotted) Here's how: Preparing the boards 1.
Tools required: Sandbug electric sander; Gofer X ultra compact rechargeable screwdriver; Pincers; Pencil; Power drill with twist and countersink bits and a knife