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Synonyms for countersign

a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group

a second confirming signature endorsing a document already signed

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add one's signature to after another's to attest authenticity

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It is a constitutional prerogative of the President to grant pardons and these decrees do not require countersignatures but are sent for execution to the General Directorate "Execution of Penalties" at the Ministry of Justice," Kovacheva said in Parliament on Thursday, responding to questions of journalists.
Services primarily concerned with the health and welfare of patients are VAT exempt, although other items like providing medical reports and passport application countersignatures are standard rated.
Italy), the requirement of countersignatures of cabinet decrees
The MS then submitted his case to the DG Health Services for countersignatures of his invalidation certificate, who reconstituted the Medical Board but the Nankana Sahib DHQ Hospital MS was not declaring him invalid in Category-A.
The Audit Committee believes that several factors contributed to the improper recognition of revenue in these periods, including a practice of holding the financial period open after the end of the fiscal quarters, providing customers with contracts with preprinted signature dates, late countersignatures by Company personnel, backdating of contracts, and not having sufficient controls to ensure the proper accounting under SOP 97-2.