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a second confirming signature endorsing a document already signed


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The "yes" signifies my singularity--the countersignature I must offer in interpreting the text.
District court in March struck down Puerto Rico's statute that prohibits nonresident insurance brokers from doing business on the Island without the countersignature of a resident agent.
The analysis included a review of arrangements where customer signatures were obtained late as well as where the customer signature was timely but Computer Associates' countersignature was obtained late.
This is the origin of the immense theme that runs through his work, behind the words signature, countersignature, breast [sein], seing (contract signed but not countersigned), saint--cutting, stitching--indecisions .
He said the only reason Florida had stopped barring non-residents from being licensed to sell surplus lines products to Florida residents and requiring them to pay a resident agent a mandated countersignature fee was because The Council had filed a lawsuit and was granted summary judgment.
The survey identified the following areas as needing consideration and review: sign-up requirements; clarity about what is meant by making the standing order available to all staff; annual review of each standing order by the issuer; timeframe for countersignature of administered/supplied treatment; current inability to supply/administer restricted and pharmacy-only medicines under standing orders; and the annual review of competency.
The myth was further built into the constitution, with the president required to receive the countersignature of the premier and the concerned ministers when promulgating laws and issuing mandates.
VAT could be extended on the likes of report writing for insurance companies and, if so, would join other similar services which already are already subject to the tax, such as countersignature of passports and character references.
Army's concept of a Customer Satisfaction Index to measure the execution of FMS cases, implemented an electronic LOA countersignature to speed up processing and developed guidance on LOR preparation.
It covers such topics as: the need for a license to transact insurance; countersignature law requirements; Internet advertising requirements; restrictions on giving online advice; statutes and regulations dealing with payment of referral fees; collection of premiums; state- specific privacy laws; and, fair claims practices requirments.
Kevin Siska, supervisor for Juneau Police Department's investigation unit, all suggested business owners establish a countersignature procedure for checks.
Countersignature requirements - an administrative burden to policyholders, agents and brokers, and insurers - need to be reevaluated.
WASHINGTON -- A federal district court judge in South Dakota ruled Tuesday that the state's countersignature law is unconstitutional, giving The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers another victory in its efforts to eliminate all statutes that bar out-of-state insurance brokers from conducting business without the involvement of a resident agent.
Approach : Territorial Partnerships for Peace and Development seeks to enhance the existing capacities for peace that already exist in Colombia to support the talks to end the conflict, as well as spaces and platforms of social organization, including indigenous movements, peasants and women ; while driving the implementation process and countersignature of agreements with a special emphasis on initiatives to create quick peace dividends in the time immediately after the signing of an eventual peace agreement with the FARC-EP impact sensitive period.