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Synonyms for countersign

a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group

a second confirming signature endorsing a document already signed

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add one's signature to after another's to attest authenticity

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10 per Share Tender Offer if CME Merger Vote Fails and GFI Countersigns
that indigenous demeanours toward newcomers, however they were experienced, were always strategic--even if I cannot begin to fathom the reason--and that their textual inscription is yet another enigmatic countersign of indigenous agency' (p.
Health visitors should also countersign the application form.
In addition, they said there is no provision in the master lease that requires the plaintiff to countersign anything.
The motion invoked the Illinois Supreme Court's original jurisdiction and sought an order compelling the secretary of state to countersign and affix the seal of the state to Mr.
At the very last moment Pope Benedict, who had not known about the spying charges when he appointed Wielgus as archbishop on December 6, stepped in and asked him to admit his error and resign his prospective post, realizing he would be a countersign to his country and to his Church for the remainder of his life.
Working with our Defense Security Assistance Development Center in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, DSCA formed a team consisting of personnel from the business processes IPT, policy, comptroller and information technology offices to develop a means to electronically send, distribute, review and countersign LOAs.
Is Eucharist a countersign to the normal divisions of the society around us?
There's a provision where the owner is supposed to countersign and return the lease to the tenant within 30 days of the owner's receipt of the renewal lease as signed by tenant.
table model;Task 13 - Delivery of supply unit to Rosomak;Task 14 - Delivery pacemaker chassis Rosomak;Task 15 - Delivery of instruments to countersign the cannon and kilometers (breath telescopes);Task 16 - Supply table to countersign;Task 17 - Delivery refill kit nitrogen viewfinder.
Asking a colleague to countersign a false entry related to "wasting", which she had not witnessed, and asking another colleague to sign for a receipt of drugs on a day when she was not at work, had placed her colleagues in an invidious position.
The thefts had started after the other person working in the office had been made redundant, leaving no one else to countersign cheques.
A midwifery-qualified student health visitor stated: 'My supervisor midwife and I must countersign a document stating that I am also practising as a midwife.
News channel LCI gave a different version, saying Mrs Sarkozy saw a judge alone on Monday and the judge later visited the presidential Elysee Palace to give Mr Sarkozy a document to countersign.
He said: "Under Scottish League requirements we have to countersign all Airdrie contracts.