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What could have been a nonstarter works beautifully: The hearings were all shot facing the judge, so the "actors" could be edited in as countershots, each one carefully but naturally repeating the words spoken by the real, unseen defendants.
This oddly angled shot, whose static duration emphasizes its vigilant suppression of the expected countershot (i.
We see shot and countershot of the older man's face, the younger man's face, the two men facing each other in profile.
Swigging from an ever-present bottle, like Vargas on his boat journey, Farrel takes to the land as a loner, eating dinner in front of a trompe l'oeil autumn landscape that, like rear projection, eerily separates him from his surroundings, before visiting a strip club, rendered Bresson-style in two quick shots: the first showing a couple of strippers, one bare-assed and trussed, the other distractedly text-messaging, the second a countershot of Farrel at table, the dancers' shadows gyrating on the wall behind him.
10) In At Land, Deren does not simply wash up onshore; the shots and countershots imply a conscious exchange between her gazes outward and the sea, which, in an inversion of natural law, only recedes farther and farther away, as if, having completed its task, it now bids her farewell.
Although the various subway scenes discussed here are not shot in the same way, certain formulaic commonalities prevail, including sound effects, countershots, and closeups to show facial expressions of fear on the person under attack (and in some instances, sadistic pleasure on the face of the perpetrator).