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a revolution whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by a previous revolution

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To the contrary, Federalist Society leadership is quite centrist, particularly on social issues, and as a result the organization's role in the nomination process has not radically changed the federal judiciary, let alone mounted a counterrevolution.
Continue reading "The Counterrevolution Turns the Tide on 50 Years of Modern Liberal Progress" at.
Republicans have joined a ferocious and intensifying decade-long counterrevolution in an attempt to stop this new majority from governing successfully.
In his interpretation of history, a trend is first reversed by revolution (antithesis) and then challenged by counterrevolution seeking to restore the ancien regime.
The counterrevolution also led to unending Democratic angst, as party moderates ritually disowned cultural liberals for driving mainstream voters away.
Historian Cohen, a contributor to The Huffington Post, reveals the sexual counterrevolution behind America's political scene for the past 40 years, arguing that the reaction against women's rights and gay rights was a strategically organized, well-financed political movement that began in the 1970s and still plays a powerful role today in elections and policies.
In Revolution and Counterrevolution I seek to explain how a socialist movement "that promised thoroughgoing social equality transformed into its opposite--a system of exploitation and repression" (2).
Corruption is the true counterrevolution," he wrote, suggesting that some top officials were preparing to divide the spoils if Cuba's communist political system disintegrates, and that graft posed a greater threat to the state than the island's small, fractured community of dissidents.
Yet the Arab Spring was in itself an opportunity for Israel to readjust and to participate in the counterrevolution, directly at times, and through allies at others.
Taking into consideration the extraordinary identities of its new inmates, Tora Prison might better be described as the Counterrevolution Command Council.
Summary: Egypt's new military rulers assured the nation Thursday they would guard against what protesters have called a counterrevolution by associates of Hosni Mubarak.
But love is fuelled by unconscious compulsions which turn revolution into counterrevolution - the 're-becoming' of all that we meant to leave behind.
There are essays covering revolution, counterrevolution, guerrilla warfare, terrorism, and associated political, cultural and social issues--and maps for different campaigns to accompany and clarify the photos and text history.
As a counterrevolution ferments, a soldier (Nigel Barrett), who had stormed into the family's suburban home and raped the daughter, returns to the house transformed into a zealous advocate of the old capitalist order.
6-13, 2006) supporting modern music, boasting that if Church music were to be based on "Gregorian chant or its choral cousins" this would represent "a remarkable counterrevolution in liturgical music.