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a reformation intended to counter the results of a prior reformation

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Stephen Bathory and those around him knew the Romanians very well and, in the context of their Counterreformation policies, they freed them from the stifling Calvinist influence by restoring the traditional Orthodox bishops, connected to the metropolitan sees of Wallachia and Moldavia.
Yet he largely abandons the history of humanitarian practices and institutions altogether in favour of what he terms "a moral history of the present": a reading of Barnett's counterreformation as epochal epiphenomena, perhaps.
For example, during the counterreformation in southern Germany and Austria images of idols (e.
Shapiro, supra note 4, at 707, 714-15 (describing a counterreformation in the 1980s that remains tethered to a basic pluralistic model of oversight but differs on the level of judicial scrutiny).
1) Robert Bireley, Religion and Politics in the Age of Counterreformation (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1981), 89.
According to the other, imaginary, retrospective vision, the Bologna Process was, on the contrary, a counterreformation, as it blocked the reforms that the universities in different European countries were undertaking individually, and each one according to its specific conditions to face the above-mentioned challenges; furthermore, the Bologna Process forced a convergence beyond a reasonable level.
Catholicism's counterreformation, or as Catholics prefer to call it, the Catholic Reformation, was a frank acknowledgment that the Church had strayed from the direction set for it by Christ.
the Dominicans and Franciscans), founded in the thirteenth century, and that accounts that see Jesuits responding to Protestants as the pope's counterreformation assault troops are wrong.
In Titus Andronicus, a return to a venerable culture of sacred space is difficult and indeed undesirable because of the unrelenting violence that attends spatial consecration and renders Rome deeply compromised after Titus undertakes a forceful attempt at counterreformation.
A major turning point in the formation of brotherhoods in Ukraine and Belorussia came in the late 16th and early 17th centuries under the influence of the Counterreformation and revitalization of Catholic confraternities in Poland.
18) Germana Ernst, "Astrology, religion, and politics in CounterReformation Rome", en Science, Culture and Popular Belief in Renaissance Europe, ed.
After the Council of Trent (1545-63), Rome entered the Counterreformation, and the directives to those artists sponsored by the Catholic Church were oriented towards ever more appealing and mesmerizing images.
Thomas Rist's first book, Shakespeare's Romances and the Politics of CounterReformation (Edwin Mellen Press, 1999), was an incisive contribution to what was then the relatively new fashion for reading Shakespeare in the light of the echoes and traces of post-Reformation Catholicism in England.
I also agree with my fellow citizen, the late professor Guido De Ruggiero, when, in his famous History of European Liberalism, he maintains that without the struggles and rivalries between Church and State after the Counterreformation in Catholic countries, the latter would have remained much less free than they actually are at present.
Indeed, their greed and lust for power have long combined with the enduring appeal of patriarchy to ensure their fast transmogrification into antichrists of counterreformation and re-feudalization.