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a reformation intended to counter the results of a prior reformation

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Richard said that despite the environment of Counterreformation, he continues to travel extensively, giving classes on the popular reading of the Bible in countries throughout the region.
From the Catholic counterreformation onward, according to Mises, the Church has been fighting not merely to reassert the time-honored doctrinal and spiritual teachings of Christianity but to recoup its position of world dominance lost since the waning of the Middle Ages: (8)
Bernhard's portrayal of the oppressiveness of counterreformation Austrian Catholicism and its relation to the Nazi regime of his childhood resonated with a generation of readers who had endured the years of the Franco dictatorship as well as the dominance of a church that promoted the image of a rigid and oppressive God.
These two tomes comprise the second half of Luperini and Cataldi's work, of which the first two volumes cover Italian literary history respectively up to and from the CounterReformation.
24) The fourth edition began with a new feature--an overview of the "foundations of American constitutionalism" -- which included a "survey of constitutional development from the founding, through the Warren Court era, to the conservative counterreformation in the Supreme Court.
Similarly, while I believe that it is the foundations of his physics that Descartes was after first and foremost in developing his metaphysics, I also agree with Gouhier that he can just as well be taken as a defender of a philosophy consistent with Catholic faith: as a figure of the counterreformation as well as of the scientific revolution.
His answer is that the CounterReformation church developed an iconography of the medically accurate heart precisely because it was so overdetermined by religious traditions.
A minority in Liberal Ottawa admitted that leaders of the reformation had a few valid points; the priority among the majority, however, was to defend the status quo by mounting a counterreformation.
Helene Nolthenius's imagination knows no bounds, as she takes the reader variously to Ephesus in Asia Minor at the time of the early Christians, a Bavarian monastery in the early Middle Ages, Renaissance Italy, France at the time of the Counterreformation, seventeenth-century Amsterdam, and contemporary Ireland.
The other is that technology exemplifies the need for a counterreformation in medical thinking or for a restoration to an earlier time.
37) Weinberg asserts that counterreformation demands that "poetry should serve the ultimate ends of the Church" affirmed Dante's status asa "theological" poet (Weinberg 875).
PERRY, MORALITY, POLITICS, AND LAW 136-37 (1988) (focusing on the role of the text in religious and constitutional interpretation and on the "life" of the relevant "tradition and community") ; Grey, supra note 99, at 3-9 (noting the "force of the analogy between Bible and Constitution" and arguing that the "Reformation and Counterreformation positions exemplify a general structural pattern: Long-lived authoritative writings generate opposing one-source and two-source .
From the standpoint of the Counterreformation this attack on the reality of the Catholic belief system was demonically inspired and tended toward atheism.
Such intolerant ideological positions required a serious missiological rebuke, even as the Orthodox needed to avoid harboring a counterreformation spirit.
The coup de grace came when Sullivan wrote about the aesthetic counterreformation of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, with its promotion of the precepts of the Ecole des Beaux Arts (of which institution Sullivan himself was a product), that the blow dealt to Chicago's architecture would require fifty years to be corrected.