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a return punch (especially by a boxer)

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I also succeeded in scoring on counterpunches and keeping him under control," Vikas, the Asian youth silver medallist, said.
Hatton, 29, got hit far too often with counterpunches from Lazcano, who was four years his senior and who had come out of semi-retirement to face him.
issue counterpunches and strong affirmation stories so close to major news deadlines that the opposition can't organize their own response within the same news cycle.
Rhodes kept coming forward and began to connect more cleanly although Lockett's accurate counterpunches still evidently caught the eye of the judges.
His punches hit air more often than Navarro, and his face absorbed a steady diet of hard counterpunches.
But the Haryana boxer broke his rival's defence to score on counterpunches to blank him 7- 0.
It looked and sounded the part, with the Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves trading jabs and counterpunches right down to the final buzzer - every shot contested, every move shadowed, every possession and every second made to count.
She just shakes off the blows and counterpunches life with more love and kindness and keeps fighting back with the only weapons she possesses.
Then, trapped in a corner, where he once could score at will with counterpunches, he took enough damaging punches to prompt referee Lou Filippo to stop the scheduled 10-round fight at 2 minutes, 20 seconds.