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a return punch (especially by a boxer)

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He's a hell of a fighter, good counterpuncher, boxer, but I've been around the sport and I've faced many different styles so I'll adjust and I'll adapt once I get to that squared circle Saturday night.
He was out-pointed by Canadian counterpuncher Eric Lucas in a WBC title bout in Montreal.
The American people rated him a stronger president when he was forced into the role of counterpuncher in 1995-2000.
Crees a clever counterpuncher, could take the title if he keeps out of trouble in the early rounds.
A brilliant counterpuncher, specializing in mockery of his opponents, he wrote unshapely essays in which the best things were often to be found in ungainly asterisk footnotes.
Socrates was a good counterpuncher, one of the best on record if Plato's version is to be believed; and yet he remained committed to the overall project of rational inquiry.
The president is a master counterpuncher (his vice president isn't too bad, either).
Somdev is a counterpuncher, while Yuki is an aggressive baseline player.
Everybody knows that Pacman is only vulnerable when fighting a sharp counterpuncher like Marquez and Eric Morales.
Russell, a slick southpaw counterpuncher, nicked the first round but in the second Curran went out and jumped on him, making it a war.
Mayweather is a bit of a counterpuncher also, so he can give us trouble.
He took the game to Nadal from first ball to last and even when the Spaniard - a ferocious counterpuncher when he is down - tried to force his way back in the second set, Murray simply squashed him with stunning serving and thundering play from the back of the court.
He's a smart counterpuncher, but Ricky ought to be too powerful for him.
4 Murray, more of a counterpuncher whose game relies on pace and a mix of shots.
Now when the All England club have slowed down everything in their power to attract the stayaway baseliners, Henman finds himself up against the best counterpuncher in the business - some suggest the best tennis hustler of all-time.