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Synonyms for counterpunch

a return punch (especially by a boxer)

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Crandall counterpunched, offering discount tickets designed to undercut People's bargain fares.
The Bruins regained their composure and their patience, then counterpunched.
He boxed off the front foot, counterpunched the charging Irishman and picked and timed his own attacks to the head and body to perfection.
Rocky' had his opponent on the ropes as he raced into a 6-0 lead - but Warriner-Little counterpunched his way back into the contest to set up a tiebreak.
I'm not happy with the way we counterpunched,'' Lavin said.
Whenever someone threatened his lead, Van de Velde counterpunched with a timely shot.
The Manfredy-Brown fight was action-packed from the first to the final bell as Brown kept coming forward and firing while Manfredy counterpunched.
When UCLA surged, courtesy of eight consecutive points by Bailey, the Broncos held their ground, then counterpunched.
So the Yankees counterpunched by spending $20 million on Kenny Rogers.
ABC, not wanting to relinquish its Tuesday dominance, counterpunched and moved ``Home Improvement,'' the second-highest-rated show on television the year before, up against ``Frasier'' instead.