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a proposal offered as an alternative to an earlier proposal

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The petitioners - vice chancellors - have never had any counterproposal to form the basis of concluding the collective bargaining agreement talks, the dons said.
While finer details of the counterproposal are still being fleshed out, the point is to reward companies with more tax perks for businesses that serve the basic needs of the domestic market and for making additional investments.
According to Dr Mukhwaya, the union met the Inter-Public Universities Councils' Consultative Forum (IPUCCF) on Friday to receive the counterproposal as promised on February 14, but the council still asked for more time.
Now, Oi has received confirmation that L1 Technology agrees with all the terms of the counterproposal.
Shale oil company Pioneer Natural Resources filed a last-minute counterproposal calling for a higher ownership threshold of 5 per cent, which institutional investors say is much harder to obtain.
Basically, the agenda is to put together a presentation, which would be a counterproposal and the questions to clarify the situation regarding what is the implementation deadline and a couple of other things," United Arab Bank group head of retail banking Tom Smith told Khaleej Times.
Stefanou added that depending on negotiations with the troika -- and the government's own counterproposals, which he said would first be agreed with the parties and social partners -- "the government will arrange with the House of Representatives when the budget will be tabled and voted on".
Israel on the other hand posited general outlines for discussion and insisted that the deadline for their counterproposal was 90 days after the first meeting.
The union said it would strike if that happens, and yesterday made a counterproposal.
Ultimately, McGrath's counterproposal did not receive a seconder and the decision to offer Counihan the new term was passed by a large show of hands.
Federal Migration Office boss, Alard du Bois-Reymond, spoke out in favour of the counterproposal, slamming the SVP's initiative for being "disproportionate".
To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion.
s proposal to reshuffle the board of directors, while endorsing the brewer's counterproposal.
Musavi's denunciation of the western plan came on October 29--the same day Iran's counterproposal was described in the state media.
Instead, the Iranians have revived an old counterproposal that calls for international arms inspectors to take custody of much of Iran s fuel, but keep it on Kish, a Persian Gulf resort island that is part of Iran.