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tending to hinder the achievement of a goal

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Since 2005 and the sharp upturn in oil prices, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, somewhat counterproductively, have all raised the pay of public-sector employees and, in all cases, given nationals proportionately larger increases than the expatriates.
I manufacture table tops," said Tom counterproductively.
The prohibition against repatriating detainees to a country with a ''significant'' al-Qaida presence could counterproductively be used to rule out transfers to such countries as Germany and Great Britain, both of which continue to struggle with extremist elements.
Without such a document, the report says, school resource officers (SROs) "may not have a dear understanding of their role within the larger educational context or the rights and needs of the children they are intended to serve; they may inadvertently, and indeed counterproductively, create an adversarial environment that pushes students, particularly at-risk students, out of school rather than engaging them in a positive educational environment.
The forty-nine temple pilgrimage route dedicated to the Medicine Buddha Yakushi nyorai was understandably yet counterproductively well-traveled especially during periods of pestilence and epidemic.
In fact, the Bayh-Risch letter counterproductively serves to strengthen Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's hardline posture.
26) This is largely because a sizable foreign force can counterproductively decrease a host nation's legitimacy in the eyes of the local population.
Now, that sounds boring and, human nature being what it is, a lot of energy is spent, perhaps wasted, perhaps counterproductively, in creating an aura of authority rather than the real thing.
In this way, Disney animators have--perhaps counterproductively as far as universal salience is concerned--attempted to minimize the violations of intuitive ontology, whereas the rule in anime appears to be to exploit, or perhaps just unwittingly accept, the non-naturalness of anime characters.
Pogge's proposed levy on (selected) resources when they are harvested or extracted (rather than consumed) potentially hits poor countries more than the rich, and may also work counterproductively with regard to their conservation (Hayward 2006, 367-368).
The result is often strongly blended activities which counterproductively pull our efforts in opposing directions.
9) Or, as Professor Koppelman has asked, can a government police pornography without counterproductively sweeping in material that may help preserve families?
It characterizes the war in Iraq as counterproductively antagonistic to radical Muslims and suggests that regional conflicts will have to be ameliorated to tame them.
None may act, as each reasonably supposes that the other will; or all may act, wastefully and potentially counterproductively.
Of note, the female hormone estradiol works counterproductively for men, worsening insulin resistance.