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constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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This counterposition tells us a few things about how we as a collective think.
For once, let's work like the European Union: there are positions and counterpositions, people think that it is all heading for a dead-end, and then at the last minute, they all agree.
Accordingly, Lonergan transposed the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity by which the hold of counterpositions is broken and the vicious circle of violence and vengeance disrupted by that love that would return evil with a still greater good.
It would seem, however, that the failure to communicate moves in both directions, and that those who continue to insist on the moral illegitimacy of condom use when one partner in a marriage is HIV positive and the other is not may be failing to understand the fundamental basis for the counterpositions.
In combating heretical counterpositions rampant in the Faculty of Arts, Aquinas refuted in the SLE what he regarded as the philosophical or exegetical errors of the ancient and medieval Aristotelian commentators.
Although Ram Swarup was a journalist, somewhat controversial, and neither a pandit nor an academician, he was a respected Hindu intellectual who evidently spoke for an important sector of Hindus, voicing accepted opinions on Hindu spiritual values and the deficiencies of Western counterpositions.
Yet, in a manner that can only be described as enviable, Cross strikes the proper balance between losing the salient elements of Scotus's doctrines in a welter of details bearing on historical background and failing to give enough historical and systematic context to render Scotus's nuanced objections and counterpositions intelligible.