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constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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History throws up interesting coincidences that, in fact, produce far more interesting counterpositions.
Rather, the emphasis would have been on more simply refuting traditional Christian theological notions of God on the basis of their being attempts to find a "substantive" Absolute, without then offering a counterposition.
No, this is not a mere rhetorical question but rather a deliberately adopted counterposition.
The Opt-In Project derives its name as a counterposition to the "opt-out" trend, which points to the scores of women who obtain the highest levels of education, enter the workforce in record numbers, and then choose to leave employment.
Meanwhile, the shifting facets of the cuts--each of whose front and back silhouettes were plotted in intricate formal counterposition to each other, confounding even the most spatially attentive of viewers--made them change in appearance as viewers altered their position, and they seemed almost like completely different apertures when seen from the opposite side.
Moreover, not infrequently, as in Clarke's work, a stark counterposition of mechanical and moral factors can lend itself to too easy dichotomies.
While Walker's alternative brought Malinowskian cultural analysis into some historical context, Salmond's relied on the simple counterposition of a more 'complex' or esoteric level of discourse (that of 'the elders') to Hanson's assumption that cultural discourse lies at more ordinary levels of communication.
does not tarry over this prevalent counterposition when programmatically reasserting the status purae naturae of commentarial Thomism.
His work, claims the catalogue accompanying a sprawling five-part European retrospective that began last year and culminates in 2007, constitutes the most important counterposition to the revival of expressionist styles in early twenty-first-century painting.
As the report puts it, in counterposition to the current practice of most US corporations, "In contrast, many other industrialized nations are pursuing a labour policy premised on the proposition that prosperity is best achieved when highly-skilled workers produce high quality goods and services for which they are well paid.
The counterposition is clearly expressed in an earlier work by Henry James Coleridge, S.
The argumentative power of utilitarianism does not allow for a counterposition, whatever that might be.
Denning's approach is also to be admired for treating the left tradition (that is, Communism, Socialism, Popular Front Liberalism, radical nationalism of oppressed minorities, early moments of socialist-feminism, and even Trotskyism and anarchism) in a unified manner, rather than through counterposition.
certainly presents a welcome counterposition to Klemens Baake's study, Praxis und Heil (Wurzburg, 1990), which compared Rahner with liberation theologians Gutierrez, Sobrino, and Boff, but found no foundation in Rahner for a political theology.
Nevertheless, lacking any suitable alternative, I mean it there also to include the "bipolar: dialectical processes of position and counterposition, but also the "tripolar: dialectical processes that include the supernatural agency of grace (Insight) 728).