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constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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Lynch asserts that by counterposing autobiographical theory with Irish literary studies, a more nuanced understanding of Irish autobiography will be achieved, as well as a more rounded view of both the autobiographical genre and Irish studies as a whole.
The Counterposing Policy Interests Driving the Commercial Satellite Export Control Reform Debate, McGill University.
Just as profound for Storaro is the use of light counterposing the darkness in Caravaggio's paintings.
Given his rearing as the quintessential cosmopolitan internationalist, he now balances it by counterposing it with patriotic nationalism.
It also distracts the reader from the themes that underlie the plot by counterposing scenes of sensuality and luxury to the saint's purity and mystical asceticism.
There are no romances between Jane and Dixon, Frank and Harriet, or Harriet and Knightley, and by counterposing these dramatic rescues to the ones that are associated with actual romances--Harriet with her sore tooth being comforted by Robert Martin, Jane's rescue from the governess trade by the death of Mrs.
Counterposing them is a group of women in black costume, embodying the female principle and engaging in a memorable tug-of-war with the giants over Freia.
His logic becomes especially convoluted, along with Green's apologetics for it, when we find Blunt counterposing the Mexican muralist Diego Rivera to Picasso as an exemplar of revolutionary art.
In the orchestral pieces of his last period Kabelac gave more and more preference to the homogenous, usually unmixed sound of instrument group and the counterposing of these kind of timbre belts.
Madigan's cataloguing of Aristotle's explicit assumptions and his counterposing them to views Aristotle expresses later in the Metaphysics do not help to convey what is at issue or even to convince us of the importance of the aporiai.