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constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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Each chapter counterposes two groups of immigrants in the United States, one from Latin America and one from Asia.
Warehime's first chapter also usefully counterposes Pialat to Robert Bresson, with whom (despite clear differences--materialism rather than 'spiritual style' and powerful emotion rather than cool detachment) he shared a displacement of conventional psychological drama into formal fragmentation and sparseness, and an understanding of the importance of silence and non-linguistic sound, as well as a near-obsession with authenticity.
It counterposes the idea of sustainability and sketches out how American politics might look if we were to prioritize sustainability.
But the film effectively counterposes towering tankers and huge glowing steel ovens with individual witnesses, forthright testimony from the actual workers, respectfully framed, standing with their comrades.
Respectfully noting Castells' contribution, she plays down what she sees as his managerial approach and counterposes a view of cultural politics that is constitutive of the very social structures that he analyses.
But against the widget-makers, she counterposes the rebel directors' sense of belonging to the decades long saga of "the struggle for auteur filmmaking within the American cine-culture," as Soderbergh puts it.
It provides some very useful quotations of politicians from Chiffley, Menzies, Whitlam and Fraser, which it counterposes with quotes from the Hawke/Keating and Howard eras.
The following ku counterposes the most mundane of subjects with the promise of eternal life, equating them with an undemanding closing perception:
Sidebars suggest counterposes and drishti, list the physical and mental benefits and warn of contraindications.
counterposes John Adams's advocacy of a mild establishment of "Publick Religion" that would "temper religious liberty" to Thomas Jefferson's robust "freedom of exercise" that would altogether exclude any establishment.
For Angier, this book--"If This Be a Man" is the literal meaning of its title--not only counterposes "man" with "Jew" and "beast" but also takes the opposite of "man" to be any human male whose virility or sexual nature is in some way deficient.
Although with an artist's liberal philosophy of individual happiness, Ladislaw counterposes Lydgate's utopianism as well as Dorothea's ethos of stoic duty; he is not an irresponsible pleasure-seeker.
Jonathan Schell counterposes two kinds of government: "liberal democracy" and "totalitarianism," a Cold War pejorative used to describe Communist-led nations such as Cuba or the Soviet Union.
All elements of yoga--poses and counterposes, conscious breathing, meditation, and philosophy--are discussed and are used to show how the student can develop a personal regime based on age, occupation, health and lifestyle.
To these readings he counterposes Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49, where Oedipa Maas's final illumination is undercut and held in suspension, metafictionally exposing the visionary moment as being the literary convention it always/already is.