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constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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Hatoyama's more honest backward-looking vision counterposed to the evils of globalization a nostalgic vision of traditional village Japan, to be supported by maintaining much of the rural patronage system that has so drained Japan's finances and inhibited its social modernization.
Counterposed to the "neutral" WAF, the memo warned of "issue-specific terrorist groups .
Most of the action unfolds in the front section, consisting of a brightly lit grey-white wall (day), counterposed by a black one (night).
In France, in the Catholic states of Germany, and in Netherlands, Catholic translations in the vernacular were immediately counterposed to Protestant ones and continued to be published throughout the early modern period.
To the lynxes of discourse are counterposed the cuttlefish of the soul.
Panic-mongering over credit ratings and the national debt conceal an ideological opposition to the state taking on an active, expansionary role (3), to which must be counterposed moral arguments for minimising the scourge of long-term unemployment and addressing society's needs for improved education, affordable housing, expanded health and social care provision, and the infrastructure required to shift to a low-carbon economy.
Gaza was exactly like Lebanon; the two trends on the Arab and Islamic scenes -- of resistance and settlement - are now exactly counterposed.
Voegelin fashioned a philosophical anthropology that defined Western societies as "macroanthropos" and counterposed them to societies and cultures preceding the advent of philosophy in Hellas and revelation in Israel, which he described as "cosmological.
That Islanders were portrayed as both childlike and violent savages is counterposed against evidence refuting this and establishing the collaborative social network Islanders built around their workplace.
Beyond the kinds of evidence that should be considered, there should also be weight given to historical experiences already chronicled and subject to useful, if often counterposed, discussion.
Of course, exaggeration may be counterposed with understatement, as artists vie for our attention.
Though recogimiento by itself did not seem to possess any radical meditative features, the problem Osuna faced was that his approach had to be counterposed against several competitors.
DeGout argues that homosexuality is depicted in dual, counterposed modes in the novel.
Counterposed Approaches to Leadership/Management/Teaching Messianic Prophetic Leader/ manager/ teacher claims Leader/manager/teacher abnegates to embody the truth and if his his own exceptionally and followers want to be something, recognises each individual as they can only be his shadows.
Note that John Paul sees the interpersonal enriching the knowing process and not counterposed against it, and sees the capacity to know cognitively as complementary to the capacity to know interpersonally.