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Synonyms for counterpoison

a remedy that stops or controls the effects of a poison

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Es una sabiduria de siglos, capaz de retomarse tambien, una vez mas, hoy dia de maneras diversas como counterpoison frente a tanta crisis.
1) The term bezoar comes from the Arabic badzehr or from the Persian panzer, both meaning counterpoison and antidote.
a rebuttal of another's position: censure, exception, caveat, counterpoison, reply, antidote, answer, justification, eviction, replication, opposition, warning, defence, justification, apology, defensative, remedy, remonstrance, refutation, protestation, confutation, recovery, manuduction.
to sophistry] this transmutation of the drug into a remedy, of the poison into a counterpoison.
30) Although, as in both Malingre's Moralite and Marguerite's Mallade, Christ here is glossed as "le souverain Medecin" (the sovereign doctor) who brings "l'antidote et contrepoison de sa parole" (the antidote and counterpoison of his word) to heal those contaminated by Catholic doctrine (195), such will not be the uplifting plot of the play.