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Synonyms for counterpoise

a stable state characterized by the cancellation of all forces by equal opposing forces

to act as an equalizing weight or force to

Synonyms for counterpoise

a weight that balances another weight

constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to

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While Caliban represents Prospero's dark, vengeful identity, this production's Ariel powerfully counterpoises revenge and rebellion with a sober sympathy for human distress.
He counterpoises Handy's discovery of the Tutwiler bluesman, for example, with a moment in Alan Lomax's 1938 Library of Congress interview of jazz pianist Jelly Roll Morton when Morton refuses to sing a song about Robert Charles, the New Orleans cop killer celebrated in black memory and reviled in the white press.
Many of his illustrations, he warns, serve as counterpoises to what the text is saying, and are uncaptioned because, well, that would rather defeat the point.
She then counterpoises these with Isaiah, three "soundings" from Samuel and Chronicles, the Gospel of Mark, and Revelation as examples of nonviolent responses to violence.
Just as it counterpoises protagonist and antagonist, Tolkien showed that Beowulf has a 'balance, an opposition of ends and beginnings' that pervades the whole spirit of the poem, that infuses its arrangement, its plot, its drama, its speaking voices (including the narratorial), its phrasing, and even its rhythm:
Ingenuous and captivating, Hans Leu's vision counterpoises the violence of the narrative pictures from Basel with the romance and amiability characteristic of the more important German masters of the period, such as Huber, Altdorfer and the mature Cranach.
Takasaki's elemental design is heavy with primal metaphor, and counterpoises the twin themes of earth and water against those of the polar and celestial.
In her work one of the most useful counterpoises to traditional analyses of power is S/M; and she locates the discourses of transgender and S/M neatly within a larger performative framework, observing that "transgender is simply identity more consciously performed on the infrequently used playing field of gender, [while] S/M is simply a relationship more consciously performed within the forbidden arena of power.
A 1911 English fountain with Neptune and spounting seahorses nicely counterpoises a bronze bord fountain copied from Florence's straw market, both a bit removed from the images of three frolicking penguins that might have been sculpted by a playful Rodin.
The new patent (USP 7,019,695) describes novelty with respect to antenna counterpoises, loads, and ground planes using self-similar structure.