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Synonyms for counterpoised

brought into equipoise by means of a weight or force that offsets another

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Corridors of empty space, from one end of the building to the other, are counterpoised to more intimate enclosures in which clothes are simply displayed, hung from brass rails, oxidized to look like bronze.
We see how, with one foot fixed like the axis of a balance, the rest of the body is counterpoised to balance the weight [etc.
The reading room and its semi-elliptical extension are clad in monochromely pale Spanish stone counterpoised to the Portland stone of the Classical facades, in which patching is deliberately clearly visible.
When utilized to interpret religious events, this type of beauty creates a contrapposto of form and meaning - the pleasurable perception of the beautifully-adorned material environment counterpoised with cognitive awareness of the religious message - that engenders a powerful spiritual response.
The plush owners' lounge at Jackdaws harbours any number of golden memories of O'Neill's career, with the highs of two Gold Cups and two Champion Hurdles counterpoised by ten screws and a metal plate framed on the wall as a shiny reminder that the dues have been paid in full.
Presumably this represents an implied rebuke of the contemporary, to which is counterpoised a more traditional conception in which the imagery and rhythms of nature predominate.
Not even quotas and affirmative action in education", he writes, "have aroused a national opposition as noticeable as what is counterpoised on the other side.
The dancing', replies Billy) are counterpoised with one of the examiners genuinely (and inappropriately) wishing Billy's father good luck with the strike.
Especially worried about the leveling and reductionistic tendencies inherent in egalitarian thought, especially in its "advanced" democratic forms, and in the administrative Leviathan State (see "The Meaning of the `Common man'" [1949]), he counterpoised to them several "pluralisms"--of social authorities and bodies, of a richly complex and hierarchical moral order, and of "points of view" inherent in "the ordinary man's consciousness" and "the normal life of society.
To the idealism of philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, Epicurus counterpoised the first humanistic version of materialism.
The increase is counterpoised against two years of rate reductions by the nation's auto insurers - the first cuts since 1973.
In the lead roles on opening night, Maria Gimenez and Jesus Pastor made a splendid couple, counterpoised in attack and character, and both displayed technical prowess.
In Hesse's novel this pattern is reflected in the male world of the Samanas and their collective goal of asceticism and transcendence; in Johnson's novel this pattern is reflected in the fraternity of the slave men of Leviathan and their shared nihilism or "absence of life-assurance," which is counterpoised against the spiritual powers of Reb and the resilience of Andrew Hawkins.
Posterity shall regard us completely as one heart and one soul," Robert Schumann wrote to his fiancee Clara Wieck (xxv), and he counterpoised this sentiment without irony to the bourgeois motto of their marriage diary, "a talisman on which all happiness in life depends: Industry, Thrift, and Loyalty" (4).
After asserting the affinity of the "English-speaking, Germans, Scandinavians, and French" and the confluence of those and "allied races" as the basic population in North America, Lodge counterpoised them to the rest of the world, which he divided among Southern and Eastern Europeans, "Mongol," "Negro," and "Hindoo.