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Synonyms for counterplot

a plot intended to subvert another plot


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make a plot in response to another plot

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to "constant civil war, plots, and counterplots, and no less [sic]
Amid plots and counterplots, tragedy and betrayal, victory and terror, the fate of the Starks, their allies, and their enemies hangs perilously in the balance, as each endeavors to win that deadliest of conflicts: the game of thrones.
While experimental postmodern fiction often involves complex plots and counterplots that themselves seem paranoid, recent mainstream works reveal something simpier: the responses we might think of as paranoid are not signs of psychosis or existential alienation.
These chapters, which explore the endless array of victories and defeats, plots and counterplots, battles and conspiracies, and the immediate consequences of the Restoration, create specific opportunities through the major events to allow Smith to examine his subjects.
Dexter's comedy mitigates its cold-blooded premise; pulling viewers in to its horridly compelling plots and counterplots of secrecy, intimacy, terror and revelation, without demanding that we completely suspend judgement of Dexter's 'dark passenger'.
Shia vs Sunni, Persian vs Arab) with the controlling effects of the imperial powers, and the whole region is a complete mess of plots and counterplots fuelled mainly by U.
Their troubles are only beginning when they reach the capitol city of Mandelion, where the plots and counterplots of the various guilds and factions catch the travelers in a dangerous web.
In All's Well, Clark considers the rhetorical use of aphorism as a means of generating plots and counterplots to produce a surprise ending conventional for the genre of problem plays.
With its plots and counterplots, secret identities and tradecraft taken straight from the Soviet playbook of the day, Liberation Movements is .
In his own voice, Redman traces the drafting and passing of a national health bill, with all the maneuvers, plots, counterplots, frustrations and dedication involved.
Except the hubby seems to have an inkling of what's going on and counterplots accordingly.
He excels in practical operations but is perplexed by the theoretical curriculum: "Political history and thought, a crosshatch of plots and counterplots, irredentist imperialism, Pan-Slavism, the sayings of Lenin, the revelations of Marx.
Some people, particularly ambitious ones, see plots and counterplots where none exists.
6) For example, one film supposedly depicted "the true machinations of Germany, the intrigues, the plots, the counterplots and the devilish ingenuity [of] the German Government" (Moving Picture World 34.
Italy was in right-wing and left-wing chaos, trapped in a maze of plots, bombings, and counterplots.