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Synonyms for counterplot

a plot intended to subvert another plot


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make a plot in response to another plot

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Landry shows in a recent article in which she employs the lesbian counterplot ideal to analyze the portrayal of mixed-race women in Nella Larsen's Passing.
I]f they find that our advantage arises by the use of Notes, they may easily counterplot us by Coining Paper Money also.
This realization culminated in the client reauthoring an alternative version of herself--a counterplot, if you will--to the dominant story that had oppressed her for so long.
The launch is a counterplot aimed at Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
He also develops a present-day counterplot, which sees the adult Vikram living in a snowy town in rural Ontario.
She tells of moments of plot and counterplot in a drama unfolding: of 1976 when Bob Brown and a colleague, canoeing down the Franklin, come round a bend in the river to find that work has already begun secretly on the dam project; of the end of 1981 betrayal of popular opinion by the Tasmanian government; of blockade plans being laid in secret.
Plot and counterplot develop, and Michael becomes the focal point of a web of betrayal and deceit, turned against by those who he sought to protect.
The shadow counterplot, "acausal and nonlinear," raises troubling doubts about the defendant's innocence and, indeed, the validity of "representational order" (126).
Juhina and the Oaks d'Italia third, Alma Alegre, who were divided by a nose in a Listed race over course and distance three weeks ago, with Counterplot fourth and Icy Love fifth, look best of the home side.
In the heat of plot and counterplot, the Allies nearly blew the cover off the secret D-Day invasion at Normandy.
In the face of gathering storm, it is business as usual with relentless plots, counterplots against each other.
to "constant civil war, plots, and counterplots, and no less [sic]
Amid plots and counterplots, tragedy and betrayal, victory and terror, the fate of the Starks, their allies, and their enemies hangs perilously in the balance, as each endeavors to win that deadliest of conflicts: the game of thrones.
Shia vs Sunni, Persian vs Arab) with the controlling effects of the imperial powers, and the whole region is a complete mess of plots and counterplots fuelled mainly by U.
Their troubles are only beginning when they reach the capitol city of Mandelion, where the plots and counterplots of the various guilds and factions catch the travelers in a dangerous web.