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(chess) an attack that is intended to counter the opponent's advantage in another part of the board

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But this counterplay took time and we had made several dashes of ten or twenty yards before they grew wise.
There's an inspired counterplay of taste and texture with this pairing," he says.
Re2 Many players would choose a4 here, but this allows dangerous counterplay with h5-h4.
White is countering Black's Queenside expansion because if Black doesn't get any counterplay here eventually he will get mated.
Rxf6 Kg8 Having been spooked by thoughts of White's Qh4, Black's counterplay on the Queenside has come to nothing and he can already resign even though he is still equal on material; 30.
The majority of the games are his own and they show how Black can whip up counterplay.
Black gets counterplay by applying pressure on the Queenside.
Qxh7 Ke8 Now Black has strong counterplay on the Queenside.
Too passive; white needs to produce counterplay, so h3 or c4 may be the way to play.
a4 and offer the p to obtain counterplay on the q-side.
Black now has counterplay with attacks down the h file and towards the f2 pawn.
Counterplay Products; Coyote Datacom; DataPage; Enhanced Messaging Systems; First International Telecom Corp.
Weiss suspects a counterplay between estrogen and progesterone, another hormone involved in the female reproductive system, as a key factor in endometrial cancer.